Ex. Eagle Strike: LONDONS Camp 2005

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, May 26, 2005.

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  1. Well you armchair warriors and doubters..been there, done the Exercise...

    Only about eight lifts in a variety of aircraft - Chinook, Merlin (Hmmmmm Nice ) and C 130. Acted as part of 3 Para BG, set fire to a substantial part of Dartmoor as we left the Helicopter Landing Sight and moved to an FUP. ( methinks the element of surprise MAY have been lost but it was nice and toasty ): legged it up a very nasty Tor and assaulted a position, stayed there for 14 hours and got very, very wet and cold in our Bivvie bags.

    Our Docs Check drill are now second to none and we are now masters at sleeping in the woods in the kit in which you are standing. Big attack in Imber, using Apache as CIFS ( new word, not gonna tell you what it means. ) sat in an Apache, which is AWESOME.

    Off on the lash tonight.

    If you did a course instead of this, unlucky. You missed out Big Time.


  2. A course like what... Senior Brecon?

  3. Airborne Greenjackets? Fcuk me. Talk about a living nightmare.
  4. I disagree.

    By the way, were you with a 3 PARA coy, if so which one?
  5. Airborne Green Jackets? Like Pegasus Bridge? 8)
  6. Absorbed into RGJ, i always would always have thought that battle honour should be LI, they wore there capbadge after all. Ox and Bucks Light infantry.
  7. Some of us may have missed camp however we didn't miss the big one last year!

    know what i mean
  8. Exactly!
  9. The RGJ includes the Ox and Bucks LI

    O Group -> Green Jackets Brigade -> RGJ

    Ox and Bucks LI -> 1st Green Jackets -> 1 RGJ (Designated Rifles in 1963)
    Kings Royal Rifle Corps -> 2nd Green Jackets -> 2 RGJ
    The Rifle Brigade -> 3rd Green Jackets -> 3 RGJ
    (4th Green Jackets formed from Ox and Bucks LI Territorials, absorbing the Bucks Regiment RA(V) and 5th Green Jackets formed by reduction of Ox and Bucks LI Territorials, Queen's Royal Rifles and London Rifle Brigade/ Rangers, absorbing B Bty, 6 Queen's)

    J Group -> Light Infantry Brigade -> The Light Infantry

    1st Bn, Somerset and Cornwall LI -> 1 LI
    1st Bn, Duke of Cornwall's LI -> 2 LI
    1st Bn, King's Shropshire LI -> 3 LI
    1st Bn, Durham LI -> 4 LI
    (5 LI formed by reduction of The Duke of Cornwall's LI Territorials, 4 KOYLI, 4 KSLI and Herefordshire LI)
  10. Yep i found the ex a rite good experience. 130 was dam hot and one lad chucked up.. ha, dartmoor was jus fookin horrible.. never wana go there again... the most annoyin part was that the sun was out b4 it kicked off and the sun went away and didnt reappear till after.... jus rain, wind, the lot inbetween.... niiiiiiice
  11. Nice one, Trigger. :roll:

    As everyone knows, Senior Brecon is the biggest exercise the Army has done in the last 5 years. Involving 3500 men, 1200 vehicles, 16 Apaches, Merlin, Chinooks etc to test and validate a new warfighting concept for the British Army.

    Eagle's Strike, however, has happened every year for the last billion centuries and if you missed it, you'll be able to get on the next one. Just drop your PSAO a line.

    Guess you missed out, eh? :lol:


  12. WAH (or dyslogia) ?
  13. Oh dear, Firestarter.

    You have missed the point of my response.. but your name, bearing in mind what Alamein Coy did to an HLS prior to the attack on Acton 1 on Dartmoor is particularly funny....( Clue: we burned 4 acres of the place )

  14. Yes - Alamein ( Firestarter ) Coy
  15. Out of interest how did you get treated by 3 Para? Did you get an equal share of the good tasks and the kit too?