Ex-dvrs sprog needs a ring dohby.

Ex, just thought I'd start a new thread in here to save trashing the grown ups convo.

So, your daughter would like me, mdn, org and gunny queing up outside her back door?


ermm will have to get back to you on that one!

probably need med certificates 1st, and she will just get embarrassed when i ask her, if she is open to offers from "seasoned gentlemen"


my daughter loves me very much... in the letter from her solicitor said so, as long as i never ackowledge her in public, do not shout out in public bars " give your sugar daddy a hug" apparently embarrasses young girls who are with their mates,

Am never ever allowed, to enter the local college again, and declare my love for my children... :oops:
Thats your mistake, next time you are prowling through the corridors of the sixth formcentre, wallop on about the suede with a lump of four by two... drag her on to the pool table, bang her back doors in then leave her for the fifth formers, there will be that much man glue and paste they will never trace your DNA

Not that I have any experience of that working of course
Gunny Highway said:
count me out. I'm currently in love with my right hand, a tub of KY jelly and a pile of old Razzle mags.
Is that KY Classic or new super improved KY Self Warming?
KY Classic - 45 secs in the microwave and save a fortune on the new fangled stuff

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