Ex Drinking Establishment

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by once_a_maverick, Aug 5, 2008.

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  1. How sad that this place has bitten the dust, I was in the old german town and thought I'd see if it was still going, anybody recognise it?

    Clue No.1 Fighting Belgiques

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  2. Errm, from the photo titles, could it be Soest's BB Club?, I never saw it sober so wouldnt recognise it, especially in daylight.
  3. BB Club? Never heard of it.
  4. Vogelsang?
  5. If you said Fighting dutch, I would think Mic Macs in Hohne. Same detail, barely remember the place despite spending 3 years in it!!!
  6. Clue No.2 Ralph the DJ
  7. daz

    daz LE

    Ralph was the doorman in the Big Ben in Soest during the 80's, fecking clog wearing nutcase :D , same place??
  8. Mate, we never fought the Belgiques. They were conscripts and their bar was subsidised with Juplier beer costing about 25pfg a glass. You could go in, buy everyone in the packed bar a beer for about 5 marks and then sit back and relax while beer arrived in front of you all night. That was far too good a deal to jeapodise by scrapping with them! Besides, they didnt used to drink in town (couldnt afford to!) had enough of a time dodging bullets and stray fists in Disco Flair without having a pop at belgian conscripts.
  9. That's the one Daz, dont know how long ago it shut down, but dont i,agine it lasted long after the Div left. Looks like it's been empty for years.

    I spent many a night in there (And virtually all my DM's) in the early eighties. Even got to the point, on the occasions that I didn't manage to bag off with one of the munters, where I used to walk back to San Seb cos I didn't have enough left for a taxi.

    Some of the women that used to frequent that place spent more of their life in block 29 than they did at home.