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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Crack_On, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. Taking place in Italy in October.

    Anyone know anything about it?

    Any hints, tips, warnings etc?

    (Also posted in the multinational forum)
  2. its a bit like a cadet exerise, nothing to hard. my mate did it last year and said it was badly organised and every one gets a trophy what ever the outcome, do the cambrian, much more of a challange
  3. forgot to add naples is full of cheap hookers, highly recommend by all accounts
  4. Ah well, sure it will be fun.

    Found an Italian website which mentions it. If what you say about standards is true then the USMC coming 11th out of 12th when they entered a few years back is quite amusing (or should that read illustrative!)

    I'll come back and brag if we do well. If we dont, I may go very quiet!
  5. Well, I realise that you have all been sitting here, waiting to hear with bated breath to see how we got on on this competiton.

    The competition was, as mentioned before, not too stretching but basically involved inf recce type skills.

    We came third overall, which as I believe the highest place by a British team (PWRR) in the past was fourth isn't too shoddy.

    oh, by the way, we're RAC

    .... and TA! :D
  6. ^and if your vehicle recognition was any better we'd have wiped the floor with the Danes as well.
  7. Any idea which Danish unit was on the ex?

    Also could you please post a link to the Italian website (if you still have it).
  8. Not sure who the Danes were. Think they were Dragoons.

    As are we, Westminster Dragoons, RY triumph again - I thank you very much! :eek:

    Just found this website, dont think it was there before http://www.unucicampania.net/dragon.html
  9. Ta very much!

    Pity the website is only in Italian though.
  10. Amusing sidenote - the Danes had tried to get a place on Cambrian patrol but lost out to another Danish unit. They were told that 'this was harder' .... good to see the Army propaganda machine works regardless of which nation you belong to.
  11. ... by coming third.

    Aim high !.
  12. Good point. Fairly abysmal result for the only reservist unit taking part in a competition held in a foreign language, using foreign kit and drills and in a role we arent experts in.

    Note to self, must try harder :oops:

  13. ...and from what I've heard, the Danish participation in Cambrian was cancelled due to budgetary constraits!
  14. so come on then then, was it nails or what.