Ex DPP (and Cheries colleague) rips Blair

If only

Bliar is bullet proof it seems ; they made a huge song and dance about the Hutton report and what came out of that was 1 member of the establishment found another not guilty despite damning evidence written within the report itself
Sir Ken, ..said: "Since those sorry days we have frequently heard him repeating the self-regarding mantra that 'hand on heart, I only did what I thought was right'.

"But this is a narcissist's defence and self-belief is no answer to misjudgement: it is certainly no answer to death."
What a classic, but unfortunately true, statement.
I'm sure its not just me, but I have this sense of foreboding that no one in government, least of all Blair, is going to take any real punishment or have any real charges laid at their door. Blair has all but admitted he lied to the UK about the reasons for war in his recent statements but will anything happen? Will it FCUK!

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