Ex-Crab tops his girlfriends old man

And his ex-Doris is a Hustler. You couldn't fückin' make it up!

He looks like he's ex RAF.
God marksmanship to boot........
He then attempted to take his own life.
His ex bird looked a bit of a fitty for a jeohovah, and can you imagine if they had of got married and double barreled the names
He looks like he's ex RAF.
Fcuk that. He looks like he should be serving time courtesy of HMP Rampton.
What's with his coiffure? it looks like a sideways reverse mohawk?
So do the RAF Regiment have mortar platoons? Because he looks like he's been on the receiving end of one! ( or about a dozen!)(big ones) Who new the Rocks had anything big enough to etch that look on on a face?
Goldbricker said:
What's with his coiffure? it looks like a sideways reverse mohawk?
I'm glad you asked that, Goldbricker, because that's what I was thinking too.

Maybe he mistook his leccy razor for his ice-cream and went straight over the top of his dumpling?

terroratthepicnic said:
I think the scar is from when he put the rifle in his mouth, pulled the trigger and missed.
He will get plenty of practice with other people putting things in his mouth in the nick :hump:
Was the weapon a Hustler and C0ck?

Coat, Hat TAXiiiiiiii!
Was he taught marksmanship principles by the Rock Apes? He put the rifle in his mouth and failed to kill himself? How did he manage to cock that up? Did he even cock the rifle? A total cock up if you ask me.
Fcuking crabs, you can even see where his gimp harness has worn his hair away. Good job he wasn't Scottish really Jock Cock.

PS I'll have the Mum the rest of you share the daughters out amongst yourselves.
Did he beat the old chap to death with a "barrier up, barrier down" technique?
Well I still don't understand how come she didn't come running back to him, I mean he didn't try to get her back by taking her out for a romantic meal or anything cheesy like that, he used the ol' charmer -

'Tesco Car Park - 15 minutes'
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