Ex-Corps career survey

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by ShortFatBloke, Apr 21, 2010.

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  1. Following on from a discussion on another forum concerning ICAREC's role, one item that has come up is how well (or otherwise) ex-Corps members get on once they have left. I've put together a very quick survey here.

    The survey is 10 questions, completely anonymous, I won't use the data for any other purpose apart from this one career survey and the result will be published on the other forum in about a week. If you want further info, please PM me.

    Please have a look and contribute if you wish - also, this is an attempt at a serious bit of data gathering and I'd appreciate it if it wasn't 'hijacked'.

  2. Done

    I'm currently self employed doing something completely different from any of my military employment.

    Earning a lot less but probably having more fun (and I'm my own boss!)...

    I'll be interested to see the results of the survey.

  3. Thanks Rodney2q,

    I can keep the results of this survey and the other separate, so I may post the ARRSE ones on here.

  4. Thanks Rodney2q,

    I can keep the results of this survey and the other separate, so I may post the ARRSE ones on here.

  5. Quite strangely I was thinking about asking this very question this morning. More of a casual thing rather than a survey, but I'd be interested to know the results.
  6. SFB: I could not help but notice that there is no need to authenticate
    to participate in your survey.

    Unscrupulous lurkers may well seek to skew your results
    to meet their distasteful ends.
  7. Sod off, A_A. I'm beginning to suspect that you're one of the 'managers' at my place of work; you certainly have the glasses and expression. And she's a womyn and very short, so I'm fairly sure on this.

    I've completed the survey, but omitted the salary total as my call centre has a disclosure policy.
  8. No, I'm relying on people's honesty!

    This stems from a more in-depth discussion on LinkedIn - unfortunately the subscribers to that particular group are fairly limited in number and so I thought I would post on here. I'm only after general trends not specifics and I also have the ability to sort the replies by site.

    I'm also relying on the fact that it normally takes at least 24 hours for a thread on here to deteriorate...
  9. Thanks WB.

  11. And you have done how many months in the Corps ?
  12. Maybe some of the reason I felt it wasn't my place to ask. Does it also mean I cannot have an interest in life after the Corps?
  13. Get some time/courses/skills/experience/rank and make many,many friends !

    Short Fat Bloke mentioned a group on linkedin - seek and you will find the answers !

    Some of my best friends are transferees !
  14. For those of you on LinkedIn, there are some interim results available on the forum there. Unless anyone on the LinkedIn site has any major issues with it, I will post the results here in a day or two. If you desperately want to see the results beforehand, pm me and let me know who you are...