Ex-con to head prison reform task force

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by _Artemis_, Nov 11, 2007.

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  1. The irony is delicious :)

    [quote="The Guardian]Jonathan Aitken, the disgraced former Tory cabinet minister who was jailed for perjury, will be rehabilitated into the political frontline tomorrow when he takes charge of a task force on prison reform that will help formulate Conservative policy.

    In one of the most spectacular comebacks in recent British political history, which meets with the approval of senior members of the shadow cabinet, Aitken is to chair a high-powered group of criminal justice experts that will examine the crisis in Britain's prisons.[/quote]


    But on the other hand, perhaps one does need experience of the system to reform it?
  2. He'll know the best places to "drop the soap" and which Bubba needs a new bitch. So yes, a very good move for Aitken.
  3. Boll0cks, mate. I've never been to Prison, but I could bloody well make it run more efficiently if given half a chance.

    For a start, we can make sure the buggers serve their FULL sentance. And think of all the money that can be saved when we take away all thier luxuries. No more TV, computers, drugs, gyms etc.

    The emphasis should be on rehabilitation through PUNISHMENT: make prisons so painful and humiliating it acts as a real detterent to crime.

    There. Not exactly rocket science, is it?
  4. yeah but while the govt tell the Judges that owing to the lack of places in prison they sholdn't send people there what are they meant to do?

    I completely agree on full sentences btw - current situation is a travesty
  5. The Americans faced the same problem; a rapidly growing prison population. They came up with a staggeringly simple but efficient solution

    I strongly doubt Broon will do this; he's too fcuking tight. :x
  6. I’ve got some prison reform for you. Ship anyone who commits a violent crime to West Falkland, Let them croft to stay alive, no guards required as who in the criminal fraternity can sail halfway around the world to break them out?

    “Work to live and Live to work” could be the motto.
  7. Isn't the EU currently thinking of scrapping life sentences anyway? Pile of tosh if you ask me, have to be "tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime" -haha.

    I don't think the long-term solution is more prisons, but I do think that that's what's needed in the short-term. Amusing it might be that an ex-con is heading prison reform, but let's hope they can come up with some sensible ideas the government can pinch (as usual.)

    Perhaps a little manual labour would be a deterrent to nasty little chavs who frequent our streets?

  8. when you've all finished foaming at the mouth

    theres 3 types of prisoners the mad the bad and the sad

    those prisoner with mental health problems need to be in secure accommodation with mental health professionals a loony bin not a prison

    the sad the scroates who clutter the system up drug addicted or at least using regularly and unemployable due to having no skills or work ethic
    sober them up and teach them a softer version of the colly regime (the idea is too make them useful again so your starting form a much lower level than even a crab who ends up at colly :twisted: and a plan for when they get out.
    accommodation supported work or training bit pointless sobering a scroate up them dumping them outside with nowhere to go and fifty quid to last 14 days to giro day.
    yeah my heart bleeds.
    well do you want to at least give the system a chance to work
    the bad serious crims who be staying for a long while you've got plenty of time to work on them
  9. Nice to know that the party of Law & Order are reaching out to the criminal fraternity. I wonder when we'll see the same hand of friendship extended to Winston the shoplifter.

    He was jailed for perjury, FFS! Telling lies outwith Parliamentary Privilege. That's not exactly the most reliable track-record. Why the hell are they letting the little shit anywhere near them?! He wouldn't know a 'sword of truth' if it was rammed up his jacksey!
  10. Theres also plenty of Islands just off of Scotland, issue them a poncho and then collect them the day the sentence finishes. When bLiar finally ends up in the dock and does some time will he be able to get a lucrative job afterwards aswell. Scandalous, I bet he didnt have to go down the Social and wonder what section of the job centre this job was advertised under, it must of been in between shelf stacking at Tescos £5 an hour and part time Dustman minimum wage.
  11. Fcuk off, mate. Tesco would'nt employ Blair - we do have SOME standards!

    Better watch your mouth anyway; won't be long before TESCO takes over the Armed Forces as well! :twisted:
  12. You couldn't make this up...

    I'm no fan of Liarbour and would detest the Lib Dems were it not a waste of time, but if ever there were proof that the Tories remain utterly unelectable, this is it.

    Is there so little talent out there that Cameron continues to brook a talentless Hague and a idiot Duncan-Smith who thinks that we'll stomach Aitken?

    Why do the Tories persist in trying to sneak perjurers and crooks past our radar? Any self-respecting party would bin Aiken, Archole and Hamilton at the first opportunity (they've let Hamilton shoot himself in the foot I suppose).
  13. I dont think there would be anyone left in the Party if you got rid of them, you just named the entire Shadow Cabinet.
  14. But then in 100 years time there will be another cricket team we can't beat.................
  15. I am speechless