Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by orificecadet, Mar 23, 2004.

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  1. Who did what with who where? Is hamburger still after someone for spanking his ass! However as we're all under chatham house rules this is probably a pointless waste of space forum esp for anyone not from ulotc!!
  2. this looks distintivly like the 'alternative word association game' 8O :?
  3. farking right answer.

    Being a pointless waste of space does not prevent OTC puppies from much self-congratulatory posting.
  4. Orifice, be a good chap and stop creating these "New Word Association Game"-esque threads.

    They will be hijacked by the likes of us and even worse the likes of The Monk and Bravo_Bravo.

    You have been warned :twisted:
  5. ah non ulotc baiting forums, i love em.... so much anger so little time
    and no this wasn't a new word association topic it was a lets see who is stupid enough to fall into my trap.... moowahahahahahaha
  6. T W A T

    'nuff said. :twisted:
  7. very eloquent cheekster
  8. bog off cheeky you blundering fool
  9. Booyakashaa
  10. you tell him orifice
  11. Impressive.
  12. Quoting Ali G as a "riposte".

    No further comments about you are needed, you have said it all....
  13. well someone had to at the end of the day, his presence is missed
  14. Got to side with Bravo_Bravo on that one chaps... hardly contemporary eh?

    Oh well, with OrificeCadet as the epitome of this forum it's no bloody wonder such quantities of flak are drawn to it.