Ex cheated on me with a........GINGER!!!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by venom, Sep 18, 2009.

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  1. Recently found out through my social circle that my ex of 8 months actualy cheated on me with TWO (not at the same time) ginger blokes.

    I'm actually distraught, I'm not considered unattractive, am modestly endowed and can hold my own in an intelligent conversation, have all my own teeth and hair (well I am 31!) and can crack the odd funny.

    I am upset that my ex would want to fuck around with people who stink of piss and have no souls.

    Is it just a fetish as in some guys prefer blondes, brunettes etc?
    I'm really having trouble coming to terms with this.

    Ok so she was a bit of a slag and cheated on me, big fcukin deal.....but with a couple of GWARS?????? :eek:
  2. Liar.
  3. Fcuk me if only it wasnt true.

    I'm hanging here, could do with some support lads..... :cry:
  4. Mmmm,I smell haddock to.
  5. Fortunately Humanitas aren't as picky.
  6. You could always stab her to death and then jump off a multi storey carpark- oh, no, wait, that's been done.
  7. just out of interest, where abouts does this 'lady' live?
  8. Sorry but I can't see why I would want to make up something so humiliating......I'm actually pretty upset guys.

    I know I should "man - up" but I'm only human.

    I'm sorry to have bothered you all, I'll drag my sorry arse off to the pub after I've had my dinner and confide in some chums down there.

    But sometimes its easier to talk to someone who doesnt know you, and wont judge you.
  9. Hey no offence ment pal
  10. i'm only watching this thread cos you just KNOW Chubb will pole up and tell us how 'totally disgraceful' the 'lady' in question is and how its rude to generalize about 'ginger gentlemen'!!!
  11. No such thing of course.

    I knew a woman who married a ginger. She committed suicide a couple of years later. Probably the best thing to do under the circumstances. He kept wanting to be seen with her.
  12. Well that one just hurt!
    Us ginger guys always try to pick a lady with a defect. Makes us feel better about ourselves you see.
    She was obviously mad!
  13. No she was just a total facking slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag
  14. I don't give a toss whether you're lying or not but you get a big F for "Judgement".

    1. Your ex.
    2. Thinking you can come crying in the NAAFI and not be judged! Hah, knobber!
  15. Then lets see some pics