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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Water_Boy, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    A couple of years ago a few of us from 2 Sigs were involved in an assault course competition that was run by the Belgium Army. I have already tried to get the info off their Regimental file, but to no avail. There were some other signallers there too, from 102 log bde if memory serves (which it often doesn't after them anthrax jabs!). I'm hoping someone out there can either PM me or point me in the right direction of any POC's within the Belgium Army to apply to take part .

  2. You need to get in touch with a lunatic called LOZ, I believe you can contact him at BOWTAG(G) in Sennelager (If he's not spending time farting around on BFBS!) or you could try contacting the organising unit which is the Belqique school of Logistics in St. Jean Barracks, Tournai. I was there with 102 and had a top time.
  3. Many thanks Cougar
  4. Roger That cougar - If anyone knows just about everything about this comp...its LOZARUNGA. A veritable wealth of knowledge, if you can crowbar him away from BFBS, and his efforts to try to get a job as a DJ, engineer, tech, or the lad that gets the bacon butties. He would probably give advice on tactics for the competition too (if he isnt planning to send a team to compete....and get very drunk for a week or two on the local brew)
  5. Could someone in the know please pm me with Loz's email address.

    Many Thanks
  6. 251 SigSqn used to attend - i organised it once. There was an extensive file in the Sqn about it. They may well have kept up the tradition, try giving the SSM a bell.
  7. many thanks boney m
  8. Water_Boy Check your PM please.
  9. Thanks for the info bigbadjimmyp.

    Back to work tomorrow, so i'll try and find him in the big bad ether, and get an email fired off.

    Cheers once again.