Ex-celebrities trading on their name..

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ClungeBob√Cants, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. A comment a mate made about how, now that his Kylie boffing days on Ramsay street are but a distant memory, and his technicolour dreamcoat is rotting in a bin somewhere in covent garden, that antipodean thesp of great repute could instead go into the fast food business and trade on his celebrity by opening...

    "Jason's Donner-Van"

    Which got me thinking - what other has-beens could make use of their name in similar ways?

    To start the ball rolling, I've come up with:

    Ex comedian (expired comedian in fact) finds faith and opens a monastery called "Bob's Monkhouse"

    Another aged comedian opens farm shop - "Jasper's Carrots.."

    A gerbil fiddling septic opens a car spares store - "Richard's Gears"

    Christ I'm bored today...
  2. I would like to join Mel B on an unskippered yacht on a programme titled simply "I will allow this handsome, blue eyed and heavy of cock individual to be a reet dorty cunt to me and my teenage daughter".

    I'm thinking Channel 5, quite late with some repeats on Dave plus 1.

    It's ideal, you can simply deploy the same framework anywhere and to anyone.
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  3. Having read that drivel, so am I.
  4. Not only bored, but 12 years old judging by that post.
  5. 12 years old? In your dreams.... ;)

    I do however, have to admit - that (my original post) is one of the most boring, dull and witless posts I've seen in recent times.

    And I made it.

    I'll call myself a cunt, save everyone else the hassle!
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  6. I admire the willingness to shoulder the blame for this however saving people the hassle of calling you a cunt can also be seen as robbing them of the chance.

    I am paticularly fond of the word in fact as you may see from my various posts. To that end, wild horses couldn't stop me saying it, but in the nicest possible way.

  7. LOL - That was beautifully put!
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  8. Whilst George Best was alive and drinking in The Chequers pub in Walton-on-the Hill
    The local butcher wrote he was seling The Best Liver in Town!!