Ex-CDS Gets Cushy Job


Charles Guthrie has managed to get a job on the board of directors of Advanced Interactive Systems. Damn..that resettlement system is good isn't it. An ex-squaddie getting a multi-million pound job. Huzzah!

Do you think that he'll put in a good word for me?

Listen to this quote...

“It is an absolute honor for AIS to be able to work with such a distinguished international leader. Lord Guthrie’s vast experience and background will provide immeasurable benefits in the years to come,” says Tim May, President and CEO of Advanced Interactive Systems, Inc.

Wonder what his job will entail...no doubt smoking a lot of cigars and making pots of cash on his ex-CDS credentials. Well done Charlie.
Interesting - I woinder if they have any MOD contracts ?
Thought there was a ban on things like this ?
About AIS

AIS Inc. is a global company providing comprehensive training solutions for people in positions where lives are on the line, including the areas of law enforcement, military, government, security, aviation and first responders. AIS has delivered training programs to groups as large as 26,000. Its interactive simulation systems and synthetic environments provide reality-based training in weapons handling and judgment skills, chem-bio and other hazard response tasks, as well as first responder challenges. Based in Seattle, Washington, AIS Inc. is a privately-owned company with offices in Monterey, California; Orlando, Florida; Washington, D.C., Abu Dhabi, UAE; and the United Kingdom.
I've seen their offices in Monterey (I've got family out that way) and they are more than just a tad impressive. A company with pots of cash from the looks of things.

As afer as being the ex-CDS is concerned, good lucjk to the man!
Yeah ....

Poor man needs the money. His pension must only be about four times my gross salary!!! :twisted:
I know he is probably an honoury and trustworthy bloke etc etc, but I cannot trust the system when he comes over and attempts to sell some eqpt to his old cronies in MOD. Would a Lt Col in Procurement say "sorry General, kit sounds crap" with the power and influence he still has?

Nope, dont like it, stinks of nepotism and cronyism, he should have just got a cottage in Surry and pruned roses for the rest of his days.
Actually I think you will find that the Lt Col In procurement willl say just that. The days of FOXLEY are over and there are so many checks and balances now it slows the whole procurement system down.

He might also enjoy fcuking the old bastard off especially as he did not support us when we really needed it. Guthrie was more worried about his knighthood and his pension than he was about us.

Hope he gets the sack!!!

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