After the sheer joy of mixing the Gryphon Disco and Gay Beats, many minds were cast back to Edinburgh's Cave of Rave at last year's Northern Lights.

A colleague and I have come up with an exceptionally cunning Gun Troop based idea, which is still in the planning phase. This post is just to check the waters and try to gauge numbers. We're considering opening it up to some of the other gun troops if numbers become vaguely respectable. The plan is as follows:

Ex. Cave of Rave

The basic idea of this is a weekend of alcohol and non-military fun-type activities in order to get shitfaced, have a good time and 'bond' as Gun Troops.

Friday Night

Toga party/'Man' Summers party in a hired out club, possibly Faith or Cavendish.

Saturday Morning/Early Afternoon

Two of the following:

Go-Karting - Knockhill
Paintballing - Bedlam Paintball
Clay pigeon shoot-ang - somewhere wit' pigeons an' guns and stuff

Individual Troop Dinners in Edinburgh (we can arrange venues for each troop if required when we know

Saturday Night

Cave of Rave - Foam party/Gay Beats style bonanza in a club of our choice.

Transport around the place looks like an open-topped vintage double-decker bus, driven by a Staff Sergeant you'll probably all know.

Accommodation has still not been decided, since we don't know numbers, but as we're trying not to get the headshed involved, it'll probably be dossing in Edinburgh flats.

Time-wise, we're looking at about May sometime, but we're still trying to get other uni's exam times. Any help would be appreciated.

As I've said, this is all in the planning stages, and this is just to gauge interest. The previously mentioned S/Sgt has given his full support to the idea, and more details should be available this weekend.

Any interest, either PM me or add a message here, any questions do the same.

We need to know very soon indeed to get the wheels in motion. We’ll have someone talking about it this weekend, and we can work from there.

Spread the word/love/STD’s

Wet and Sticky Love

Edinburgh FOO Party


a) Queens are not cool.
b) I did state that we may open this up if the numbers are respectable.
c) In its intial stages this was designed as a Gun Troop based thing, will amend original post to suit.
Queens rocks.
Im looking forward to Northern Lights already, to show you Scots how to have it large... properly.

On a more serious note, your idea sounds good, just a pity Queens doesnt have a gun troop.


Well, my opinion is that it all depends on numbers, interest levels, and accommodation (i.e. floor space) availiable. The gun troop factor is a result of the fact that CEUOTC gun troop are putting it together, and we already have a special relationship with Leeds and Glasgow and Strathclyde, and really all the troops from Courses Camp. As i've said, it all depends on those three factors.

It's time for an Arty Party!
Bit harsh mutt saying that Queens are not cool. Although im from another otc i have to say that Queens are always up for a drunken night and fun antics. Ive always felt that the gun troops can be a bit too insular so why not open it up to some more otcs and spread the 'gun love'!!! Edinburgh is a cracking nite out so why not just open it to more. Im sure there are some venues that are big enough to hold lots of people
Hush now.
This is the plan. It may change, it may not. Please fill in this form

You live in ................ (insert 'Arrlund' here)
Edinburgh is ................ (insert 'far away')
Leeds and Glasgow are........to Ed. (insert 'nearer than Arrlund')
You know ... person(s) in Ed, via a tenuous link.(insert 'one')
This party is for......... (insert 'other people')
So you can go and ........... (insert my hohum up your hoo haa)

Also anyone that says 'I'm cool' by default isn't.

That all being well and true, I am cool.
Hold up a minute there Mutt! Call me old fashioned or a forgetful old cnut but I'm sure the SSgt in question agreed to look into the provision of a luxury open-topped charabanc for the AFTERNOON'S activities as he will no doubt be wanting to get caned in the evening! :evil:
Queen's as a matter of fact do have a Gun Troop. Although in it's infancy and planning stages, and still dependent on FAS, it looks like Queen's will have it's very own gun troop with shiny big guns by the start of next year- all being well.
Nice one TY! 206's Light Guns (if they do get re-roled to Fd.) would need to have an awesome range to be able to reach a UK impact area from NI unless there's one in the Province I'd forgotten about. I suppose you could always just CPX with them: I never get bored with dry training! :lol:

Seriously though, I hope it all works out so you can find out what you've been missing all these tortuous years without God's chosen method of destruction!
There's two ideas on the table. The nearest are is Warcop, and with Queen's huge travel budget, no really a massive problem. The other idea was firing reduced charge into the sea. I'm not to sure the locals would be too happy mind.
The call of 'Splash!' would become quite literal, I suppose.
Multi comedy problems for the OP, though:

1) Grid: 'Ummm...'
2) Target: 'Which one?' 'That one over there' 'Where' 'Erm, beside the wave?'

3) Shoal of Enemy Salmon moving Eastwards toward own Salmon.

4) Record As Target US1001, End of Mission, all enemy now floating upside down.

Could be interesting.
My altitudes happen to be sheet-hot, boss, although I think waves could be an issue:

Grid: 'Errmm...'
Altitude: '1, no, it's 0, oh no, it's 1 again, no, fcuk, back to 0'

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