Ex-BT Boss Pockets £3m Reward For Failure

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archangel, May 27, 2009.

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  1. And no pay rise for their workers this year as well as changing work paterns and hours of attendance
  2. Not the only telecoms company to carry this out for this financial year
  3. I came across this chap while we were both at Lucent. They appeared to have a policy of promoting people at the higher levels based upon incompetency. He did rather well.

    'Tis the way of the world, I'm afraid to say!
  4. BT are in a death spiral. They simply can't lose the 'civil service mentality' and compete properly with private sector companies.

    For decades, they've been trying to downsize their company without using compulsory redundancies. Increasingly generous voluntary redundancy packages are being offered to staff if they will resign.

    Of course, the employees signing up for redundancy are skilled people who can get jobs elsewhere but that the company needs to retain. Within BT, it's not uncommon to see people being paid to take redundancy then being immediately re-employed as contractors on several times their old salary. BT pays five figure sums to vital staff if they'll resign then quadruples their salary if they'll come back. Insanity.

    Meanwhile, a dizzying array of 'non-jobs' are created for the Sir Humphrey types who joined BT during the stone age and who wont leave unless they are carried out in a box.

    Meeting facilitators, coaching consultants, diversity managers, transgender outreach co-ordinators, ladder auditors and, I kid ye not, a whole department of futurologists are employed by BT just to create jobs for people who wont resign.

    They can't implement compulsory redundancies because they are flying very large numbers of Indian engineers into the UK to work at BT sites. The Indian contractors pay no UK tax so they cost BT 40% less than Brits to employ. If they were seen to be forcing UK staff on to the dole and replacing them with Indians, the unions and employment lawyers would have them for breakfast.

    If you've got any BT shares, sell them now.