Ex Braveheart circa 1980

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by grumpy5255, Dec 2, 2011.

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  1. Any memories of this major multi-national ex where the base camp was held in Tofrek Bks, Hildesheim?
    Standing in a queue for the Mobile Bath & Shower Unit to clear the daily dose of females was a laugh, especially when an
    enterprising fellow pierced a hole in the tent wall, giving a lucky few a peek at the soapy bints on parade! :eye:
  2. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    I was on this ex, albeit in the middle of nowhere! I discovered the delights of the schnell imbus, hereforder and that you don't **** with Gurkhas....they are ******* top soldiers. Chup chup , fire! I watched in awe as the verry flare bounced off the umpires scimitare...character building

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  3. I've got a copy of the Ken Howard sketch book for CRUSADER 80 - that has some nice pictures of the HICON in Hildesheim.

    I spent that exercise season on ANVIL EXPRESS in Turkey with the AMF(L).
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I took part in this EX. We did homeland defence on Salisbury Plain. Nothing happened. We moved trenches a few times but no contacts. The high point of the EX was when the USAF used our position to practise attacking with A10's. They flew straight down at us. You could see the pilots (or whoever sits at the front) giving a cheery wave - I remember thinking that I'd prefer that he kept his hand on the wheel. I've seen them doing firepower demos on later occasions. Sounds like some one ripping sheets of wriggly tin.
  5. Am I subjecting myself to false memory syndrome here, but was the major BAOR ex in 80 'Crusader' and the next biggy was Lionheart in 84 ??
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  6. Exactly the same thing happened to me with A 10 pilots waving to us in Thetford.
  7. And then Ex Brave Defender in 1985. Could be getting Brave Defender and Lionheart slightly mixed up. Can't imagine them having an Exercise called Crusader these days.
  8. You could well be correct, my senior moment Mr Hogg. "Crusader '80" has a more memorable feel to it! :oops:

    I see that a "used" copy of the a/m Ken Howard Sketchbook is going for £185 on Amazon.
  9. I got sent to a Yank Unit in Southern Germany for one of them....they called it Reforger and I ended up with the 82nd....introduced me to my namesake....Jack Daniels!
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  10. And to think it was only 31 years ago (FFS ! senior moment - I think I am approaching Chelsea Pensioner status)
  11. Scan10022.jpg
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  12. Yes I was a bod in that Ex. At the time I was serving in York Barracks Munster 4 Armd Bde HQ & Sig Sqn
    (was also known as Task Force Charlie). A liney hairy Ar55ed one at that.
    Now that sketch book mentioned earlier I too have the same here somewhere.
    One of our lads is in the back of a beastie 432 in full noddy kit minus his SR6 ressi.
    He was sketched along with the Bde G3 by Ken Howard.
    Must dig it out Ebay How much?

    By the way Happy New Year to you all Bleeps all the very best for 2012.
  13. I recall this exercise in 1980; I was a Cpl AT at Bracht and ended up with most of the SATO and ASD departments assembling the Staging Point on Leuth Trg Area (fuel, food, rest, EFI, etc), just inside the Dutch/German Border (German side). We were relieved by a Scottish Regiment (Royal Scots I think) for the main effort which gave us 5 days to either return to barracks and join in the Ex fun or "make ourselves scarce"!

    Myself and 2 others chose the latter and headed off in my trusty Mk 4 Cortina to visit 5 countries in 5 days and getting our passports stamped at each frontier. This was successfully achieved with no breakdowns or arrests as we meandered down the Mosel Valley (with the odd bit of "wein probieren" and an overnight in Braunlager (hope my spelling is right)) and then on through France, Luxembourg, Belgium and Holland, with Holland back into Germany being the 5th frontier stamp. Returned to Leuth where we handled the convoys returning to UK for another 3 or 4 days before breaking camp and returning to Barracks.

    All in, a very enjoyable NATO exercise!
  14. Did Lionheart with the Harrier Force.
  15. Your Avatar - Penshaw Monument - I was born and bread (dragged up if you like) in Penshaw.