Ex-boxing champ/soldier surprises muggers

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by japseyewarrior, Nov 10, 2006.

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  1. Outstanding that man :salut:

  2. Didn't this happen some time ago, or have muggers been unlucky in choosing two different unarmed combat instructers
  3. In that case - Good on Him, too
  4. My late father was a handy amateur boxer in his young days, according to some accounts.
    When he got to his mid 60s, he was a partially disabled and a drunkard.

    He used to drink in the local, a real rough pub. One night he staggered in from the pub, the worse for drink, as was his habit. He told me some yob had tried to mug him in the toilets and he'd given him an upper cut that had left him sprawling in the urinals. Yeah, sure, I thought.

    Some few weeks later, there's a knock on the door. It's a Man in a Suit.
    "Is Mr Onetap Senior in?" asks Man in suit.
    "No, he's out"
    "Oh, that's a shame", says the man, producing a warrant card.
    Oh shite, I think, what's the old git done now?
    "I'm Detective Constable Whatsisname. Can you give him a message?"

    "Your father made a complaint about an attempted robbery on such a date. We've made enquiries. A man answering the description given by your father was treated for a broken jaw in North Middlesex Hospital on that night. However, he gave a false address and we've been unable to trace him."

    Honest, guv.
  5. This however is a very craven statement, no wonder violent crime is up.
  6. Agreed I think this bloke and people like him are much more of a deterrent(sp?) to would be muggers than the police seem to be. People should be fully encouraged to defend themselves and recieve more support from the law when they do.
  7. What a splendid gent. Makes you think of all that's still good in our society.
  8. OTOH, what if the would-be muggers decides to up the ante by getting tooled up?

    Still, I agree that the spokesperson went about it the wrong way. Should have kept his gob shut and avoided the issue altogether.
  10. Up the Ante ? Sorry, but this is a repetition of more self-serving copper-inspired crap. This has been repeated for 15 years to the best of my knowledge but the situation has got worse not better. Time then to ignore 'expert' advice from plod and introduce a change.

    The people who break into your house to nick petty crap and threaten the pensioner out of his pension are unlikely to arm themselves with firearms! They know if they do then plod might actually get off their fat arrses and respond as they do take fire-arms related offenses seriously. Nope, what I think will happen is that there will be more scum with brain damage as a result of homeowners defending themselves. Am I wrong but here we are allowed to defend ourselves, but not our property? Change the law to that of the US where the homeowner can use force to defend both.
  11. Great story and congrats to the former boxing champ.

    However, it must be remembered that T.Bliar said on coming to power: "Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime". This does not, repeat not, include being tough on the perpetrators of crime. Oh no, yobs and thugs of whatever ilk or origin must be protected to the full by the Human Rights Act (consult Mrs T.Bliar for advice on this Act).

    I'm slightly surprised that the police spokeswoman did not announce charges were being prepared against the boxer! Give us all strength!
  12. I think peccavi would be more applicable to your father! :pirat:
  13. the story cheered my day up no end well done George Bayliss
  14. Cockles warmed Sir!