Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Jan the man, Jun 27, 2013.

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  1. Hello all
    Im new to all of this but just to fill you in on my background.
    I served in the RMs for 17 years as a musician back in the 60s-70s and early 80s and would have liked to have served longer but got injured whilst attached to 40Cdo and spent quite a long time in RNH Plymouth and was eventually medically discharged with ongoing probs.
    In my time in the RMs I went to Northen Ireland 9 times, Malta 3 times (Was one of the last British troops on the island) Cyprus twice (Turks in location in 1979) and the rest is all over the world but mainly with Commando Unit visits as we were the HQ CDO Forces RM Band, ie Norway etc.
    Anyway thats enough of me apart to inform you that I have been a Rural Delivery Postman for the last 29 years and in 4 weeks Im going to retire from this and live the good live(I Hope)
    I live near Plymouth and have many ex RM oppos near me, but these numbers are sadly rapidly being depleted for all sorts of reasons.
    I still perform a couple of times a year and don the Green hat when playing the Last Post for some of our fallen comrades.
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  2. Ouch, walted in one post.

    Give him a fecking chance Let him explain!!
  3. Were you posted to deal? The old barracks have been converted into apartments now.
  4. No, your wrong, Did the whole thing and a lot more back then, but considering this Im not suprissed that you ask this of me as I know the Royal Marines had to accept females into the system what with falling recrutment levels and those persons never being able to pass the CCTRM COURSE.
  5. Yes, 369 Squad, and 2 years 9months later I eventually emerged to be drafted to 3CDO Brigade then HQ CDO FCES
  6. What are you all hung out on for christs sake, blue berets-green ones, get over it, I was and wear a GREEN BERET right now issued by the ROYAL MARINES
  7. OK where are you now, want my address!!
  8. You're wearing it now ? How Corps Pissed are you man ?
  9. No, don't go. I'm sure you'll get acclimatised. Eventually.
  10. If you want to reply to a post, click where it says " Reply with quote " in the bottom right corner of the post, and stop biting yer old bugger
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  11. You seem to be having an irrate row with youself?
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  12. I take it you weren't a Mus'n then?
  13. Did you play the Oboe?
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Not open for further replies.