Ex Blair babe then and now!


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albimangles said:
A former Labour MP from Cambridgeshire has been given a conditional discharge after being convicted of using threatening words and behaviour.
So the law can be used on her but....

Not these guys mad just mad.
Because any criticism of these chaps would be racist, under any and every law we do (or don't have yet) in the U.K., Western Europe, the E.U. and under the Liarbour Thought Crimes Act 2010.

On message - was this horrific munter ever referred to as a 'Blair Babe' originally? Or was it because there were other women MP's in a photo opportunity with GW's poodle? It's a long stretch for her ever to be considered a 'babe'.

Ugly transvestite docker, maybe...
That isn't a woman, its Herman Munster in Drag.
She must be delighted with the verdicts. She was judged to have been threatening and absive but not drunk and disorderly. What a result!

Even if I was drunk and disorderly - that is not a Babe.
District Judge Nicholas Leigh-Smith said prosecutors had not proved Clark was drunk and disorderly.

But he said she had had a "preoccupation with self and self-image".

That made i larf
Did Helen use to be Harold??? Is that the right pic on the BBC site?? By all thats holy, even my dog would say no.
FORMER Liarbour MP - doesn't say what she's doing now, though (as if she is in any way employable).

All that's missing are the immortal words uttered by all dispossessed MPs 'DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?'
Its curious how all the so-called 'Blair Babes' are all looking a bit frazzled, worn around the edges and have saggy t!ts just like just like 'Gordons Babes', or is it the Harridans of Parly-ment..... But I guess (allegedly), they like all of us are a few years old, a bit 'lumpier' around the middle... and have lost the 'bounce' of youth...

The 'Saggy Bits' just sag a bit more, closer to the waist or knees...... :lol: :(

So would you 'bounce' that one around a king size bed on a cold winters night away on some cold, windy Scottish Island........ can't be too fussy nowadays......

A bottle of Bells Whiskey..... a hot Lamb Korma curry with loads of popadums..... just a nice romantic evening.... :p :p :p
I wouldn't!

Even if very hard up, very drunk and overdosed on viagra.

Even a sheep would have to be better. At least a nubile young sheep.

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