Ex Beefeater banned from pub for speaking German

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by supermatelot, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. Not sure what his being a former soldier and yeoman warder has to do with allegedly being banned from a pub for speaking German...
  2. its the daily wail ffs, unless they can get the outrage bus can pull at least a 9 sec quarter mile they arnt going to print.......
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  3. It offers a perfect juxtaposition of something that is quintessentially British being undermined by Britishness. I thought.
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  4. Sadly his wife, Anni, died two years ago. It was as the headline alleges, his daughter.


    Tactics often used by the Daily Mail, that is; Get the wounded side's version of events in first, and rely on those with a business to run not to comment.

    Their version could of course be true, real-life Basil Fawltys do exist. But an alternative version might well be that a curmudgeonly old boy, a few hours into his drinking session, has a disagreement with the landlady, makes a disparaging but pointed aside in German about the landlady to his daughter. Landlady doesn't understand the words but knows full well she is being insulted/sent up and gives him and daughter the heave-ho.

    Even the DM is being unusually cautious this time, using 'apparently', 'allegedly' and 'claim' in the first few lines of the article. Could it be that even they (and their in-house lawyers) are having now having doubts about the story but decided that such a good bit of xenophobic outrage was too good to pass up?
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  5. If the DM is being cautious and caveating stuff, does this mean I can only be allegedly outraged?
  6. I speak German, my wife was born in the place those hallowed nurses were always comming from, yet she doesn't speak German but eats pommes frites MIT mayo, as if she was German.

    Faux outrage me thinks!!
  7. Did my attempt at saying "fire up the bus" make sense auf Deutch?
  8. Too difficult to make a judgement when you only know half the story and even the validity of that remains open to question. From past experience, if the DM has got this completely wrong, maligned the landlady unjustifiably and helped ruin her business, we are unlikely to see it giving any embarrassing truth equal prominence.
  9. Agree with Dunservin on this one. How many times has the Mail caused the bus to be deployed only to find that it's all a bit of a non story when the other party's side of the incident is revealed.
  10. Nein.
  11. Bitte, start mit dem Wut Bus? :?
  12. I think it was there to show what an upright citizen he is and not just some scrote out for trouble.
  13. What's outraging me is that those twats at S&N call the landlord the 'official designated premises supervisor'. Says all you need to know about the place. And it serves Fosters, FFS!
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