Ex aussie grunt looking to join British army and needs advice

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Hello everyone,
firstly I shall start with some basic background then I will ask some questions.

I just turned 29, I am currently in Canada where I work high end security /CP work. I have been here about three years, I thought I would want to settle here but I'm really not feeling it. I spent five years in the Australian army as a infantry soldier, I was a machine gunner and a scout. I served in East Timor and Iraq, I got out in 2005, normal discharge of my own accord.

I am an Australian citizen. I was going to back to oz and re enlist, I have decided to look at the UK due to the fact that I want to go military but do something different. My grandmother was born in the UK so I can get an ancestral visa, I was looking at joining maybe the RAF but on the website it said that a period of three years residency was needed whereas the army only has that for certain jobs;

is there anyway around the residency requirement for RAF or RN?

What jobs in the british army require the residency requirement?

Are there any jobs that citizens of commonwealth countries can't do (intel etc) and if so what are they?

What service documentation if any do I need from Australia?

Is there a BMI requirement to enlist in the British army and if so what is that requirement? I have heard conflicting reports

how often are fitness tests in the British army and what is the requirement?

Can commonwealth citizens join up on a tourist visa? A mate of mine is ex aussie sf and he is looking to join to but he doesn't have an entitlement to an ancestral visa

What other paper work do I need from Australia? I graduated from highschool over ten years ago, do I need anything related to that or when I pass the tests at the recruiting stage will that suffice?

I've tried to find out the info on my own, some of the info I got is conlicting so I though I'd ask here. Thanks in advance for any answers. I'd be looking at heading over mid to late next year.
Hi Hector, my best friend is in the royal marines, we served together back home, I believe the cut off age is 26, besides I don't want to join the royal marines, ten years ago for sure but at this stage in my life, I feel through my research the army or RAF would be better
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