ex arrcade falcon - come on then, let rip.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by theoban, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. ok lads, was it the best ever or do you want the last two weeks of your life back?
  2. Watched 50 and 90 Sig Sqns going the other way on the M5 last weekend, I wished I was with them (and 34/49). But Leeds stuffed Hartlepool that weekend - as per normal, so it was so much better.

    p.s. How come Sqns from West Riding are so much better than the rest of the northern monkeys.
  3. Heard it was a great Ex that proved once again the flexibility and ability of the ARRC to cope with such a varied MEL.
  4. ARRC?

    ...but it was in England? (M5 reference)

  5. ^Maybe it was looking for a new home (Cosford)?

    Always enjoyed the long two(/one) week exercises, allows time to get into a routine and develop skills. Spending two weeks in a camp just seems to be a waste, as most of that training could have been achieved on weekends.
  6. Is that veiled speech for.....?
  7. FBW

    FBW Old-Salt

    I really enjoyed the many varied and intresting car parks i visited and can only thank the hierarchy for yet again treating us like children and then wondering why so many TA are leaving in droves.

    :x :x :x
  8. Sssh!
  9. FBW I believe I'm in the same kindergarten as you mate. It was movement central - almost more time in the rover than the set, poor technical decisions by head shed, lack of information (no CEIs and comsec kit to some trunknode elements...). Well done. Sure ptarmigan went well though :wink:
  10. msr

    msr LE

    And thanks to a certain regiment's RAO(V) for holding the ferry to an extra 1/2 hr so everyone could get home.

  11. I had visions of 33 jumping from the dock side onto the moving ferry in a desperate bid to make it thanks to the French security people only having one baggage scanner working and holding everybody up for so long. Mind you it would have been quicker if 33 and 35 had provided baggage wagons to move most of their kit en masse and so avoided having to scan everything through.
  12. "French security" now there's something you don't hear everyday, for some reason I have an image of Peter Sellars in my head
  13. It was nice of our hosts in Germany to lock us up in barbed wire, provide no lighting at night out side the tents and keep us on the camp 24/7. Do they take early bookings for 2008….!
  14. And The Commanders challenge................Retention!!

    Be interesting to see if he rises to it.
  15. I agree the G4 side was not tested or used to its full capacity. There should not be to much redundancy as the Gp regt concept still requires a lge G4 tail to support each OSC area. Its hard to test G4 on a 2 day Ex, annual camp will be much different when they will have fuel, rations etc to deliver and provide a service. Also on camp anyone who is not used in role will be part of the Opfor team, and this should be more interesting than manning a det.

    Kilo Army - You stated the above after the Church Fenton drudgery.
    I waited in anticipation but, sorry to say, we got redundancy, boredom, futility. I'm not having a dig btw. If you are not in the Regiment responsible for G4 then there is not going to be much to do. Such is life. A full 2 week exercise and a bigger geographical area such as Germany may do the trick though.