Ex army wanting to re-join.

hi, i served 5 years with a infantry battalion. i signed off after 4 years and left. i now work in a petrol station and its crap. i'v tried going for other jobs with no success. employers don't care for ex military personal.
i want to join as a dog handler or a driver. but a dog handler is what i want to do as i'v worked with them in Iraq and Northern Ireland. i think this is a really good and important job.
driver is my second choice. i enjoy this too and would'nt mind this as a career.
i'm wondering if any one has any tips or advise on the best way to go about joining again. maybe your in a regiment that does either of these jobs or you work at a careers center.
also yes i know before you say that i will be going to my local careers office to chat to them but before i do i just wanted to know if anyone has any tips.

thanks dave[/B][/B][/B]
Depends on the circumstances of your departure to a large extent, what was the grading on your discharge documents?

Then take into account age/married /single.
What vacancies are available , doggie corps is small elitist.
What about rejoining your old mob(contact an officer still serving or the chief pen pusher) and test the water that way, pointless going to the afco if all the slots are filled, times have changed since i was recruiting, you could back then apply on a D500, you would need to check that out for being current though.

Good luck, being a civvie is not all it;s cracked up to be.
i left on my own accord. i was not md'd or kicked out for drugs. looking at my certificate of service i dont see any grade.
im single and looking on the army website i searched dog handler and 1 came up.
i don't want to do what i did before, that was 1 reason why i left. so i want to do something else.
what is a D500?
thanks for replying
I was at the Internal Transfer/Career Fair this week in Herford and contrary to what Orange say, the future is not bright. One message was sent to those that had already pressed the eject button 'you had better go and see the CTP as we will not rescind your application, unless you are vitally important'. They are taking re-enlistments but only about 100 a year and they are already over half way through that allotment now. Get yourself over to your careers office now and see what they say. From what I remember there are no vacancies for Driver but you might be in luck with dog handler given the current situation. Good luck.
thanks for replying
Sorry mate been really bizzzy, a D500 was/is the documentation for a re-enlistment, as opposed to a new entry. It basically allows the application to be processed " fast track" but as stated only a set number each year, you might get lucky..
I think they are looking for doggy fondlers. When you speak to the recruiters make sure you have evidence of any previous experience, courses with the hounds. It REALLY could sway it.

Good luck, but as mentioned above numbers are up at the mo.
i haven't done courses with them as such. just worked with them in iraq.
am i meant to have this D500 doc or is it something that fets requested by the careers office.
Hey Dave11, Are you still thinking of re-joining? I have just been to a Dog Handler selection board and they told us there that they do take people who are re-joining...and they also said the Vet corps has expanded quite significantly over the last year or so and are currently looking to fill the gaps! Basically they are taking on more people then they would have done in previous years...There is no better time to apply and get the ball rolling! You won't know unless you give it a shot.

Good Luck, Ladyjaffa.

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