Ex-Army walt?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by IT_Guy, Sep 3, 2007.

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  1. Right, I left Her Maj's finest seven years age and decided that I'd never break into a sweat again, I was usually a biff in the Army and hated the whole phyzz thing.

    Anyway, we have been walking in the dales recently as a family, very relaxing and all that. Yesterday I fancied a walk in the hills and as everyone was busy I ended up on a mountain on my own except for our dog, thats when the trouble started..........

    I parked up the car, sorted my kit out and started walking up the nearest hill and within minutes I was sweating like a rapist and breathing out my arrse. Without realising it I was tabbing up the hill and the worrying thing about it was that I was enjoying it.

    Don't get me wrong, I was a phyzz biff seven years ago and have done virtually nothing physical since so I don't think I was exactly flying up the hill but I was leaving the civvies standing and the dog was looking at me funny.

    Anyway, fourty minutes later I arrive at the trig point (to the horror of the civvies) looking like a bag of sh*t, sweat patches like plates and eyes like saucers, I was breathing like darth vader, I punched the air and shouted yesssss!

    It was a brilliant adrenalin rush and I can't wait to do it again, but the thing is I think I'm a walt, a ex-army walt.

    The thing is that although I can impress the civvies/wife/kids etc with my knowledge and 'tabbing' abilities I dread the day a 'proper' soldier ever questions my military career. I was in the Army when it was a German drinking club and the closest to action I ever got was Bosnia and Cyprus during GW1.

    In my defence I left the RLC in 2000 so wasn't running away from any conflicts but when I see what the guys are experiencing now I feel like a complete fraud.

    Anyone else feel like that?
  2. IT_Guy I was really enjoying your little tale till I got the bottom and now I just want to slap you (in a friendly way of course) No matter where you served or what you served in you are NOT a Walt.The fact is you DID serve and you ran the same risk as everyone else in where you might get posted and what you might end up facing, depending on what was going on at the time.So get out there, enjoy showing up the civvies and revel in the fact that you have been one of Britain's finest! As I have always said I'd rather be a has-been than a never-was.
  3. You can't choose the wars you take part in, or have them laid on to suit.
  4. I'm pretty sure nobody now joining would think less of you.

    I'm joining, and I've respect for anyone who has joined. Teeth arm or not, tough service or not. The fact is that none of us know what sort of service will burst onto the scene once we join, and so anyone joining is on the level so far as walt/not is concerned. Everything past that is just a matter of what straws you're given to pick from.

    But this is the NAAFI, so I think it's time to let slip the dogs of, er...banter.

    Fire at will.
  5. I know where your coming from; Mrs Tombs and myself had been invited out the other Saturday night and I was late home from work, so rushed into the bedroom and tore off my clothes followed by a quick splash with a flannel and jumped into my Saturday night apparel and then realised I had a stiffy!
    It took me about an hour before I remembered the reason for my state of heightened sexual awareness.........of course!..............quick change parades in boys service, it never quite leaves you.
  6. mate ,
    at the end of the day you did your time and it wasn't down to you what was or wasn't going on as far as OPs at the time ,you go where you are sent and you did something alot of others haven't

  7. I know what you mean. Last year I marched in my first Rememberance Day Parade since leaving the RAF. I wore the 2 medals to which i'm entitled, GSM(NI) and NATO (XYUG). I felt like a fraud amonsgt those who had WW2, Korea, South Atlantic, Gulf War 1 etc I feel those to be proper fighting medals, my experience of NI was quite different being in the RAF to those Army lads who served during the troubles proper (60's - 90's).
    But saying that I earned my medals, I signed up and had I stayed in I could have easily been in Iraq and Afghanistan now, there but for the grace of god go I. I have decide that every year, as long as i'm physically able to, I will volunteer to be a Poppy Collector for the RBL, it is as important now as it ever was.
  8. Quite right. I missed the Falklands due to University commitments. Then after spending fecking years training to greet them, the furry-booted, slanty-eyed Russians hand in their notice! So what do I get? GW1, Bosnia and NI...now of course when I'm old and my thoughts turn lightly to pipe, whisky and slippers, the young 'uns are ripping into Terry and being real soldiers!

    Harrumph, I'm going back to my Telegraph!
  9. It's not just me then. It wasn't for lack of trying. Most action I saw was in the factory behind Flax street mill. That was self inflicted. 6 years, most of it in the hangar or on the range.
  10. Excellent attitude RAF-Liney. For anyone else interested in being one of the Poppy People:

  11. IT Guy. Pay heed. You are not a Walt. Fair play to you for the pang of brief guilt though. I think all us ex-regs may well have been there.
  12. Good grief! I do sympathise.

    I have simply stopped wearing medals at Cav Mem or otherwise. A number of my contemporaries now have so many ribbons it makes me wince.

    Still happy to go on the lash with them though...
  13. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Hear hear. IMHO it IS our fault we Cold War Warriors didn't get to fight in real wars: we won our war by stopping the Commies from wanting to start it.
  14. As has been said,its irrellevant how many medals you earned fact is you served same as rest of us and made yourself available to go to any conflict that may have occurred.Them thats served have more balls than the average civvy who s content to sit back at home nice n cosy like..I d stand on parade or share a pint with any ex troop,no medals or ten medals just the same..............
  15. I think it is relevant how many medals you've earned. I'll wager my nine against your two that I'll get sucked off more than you.