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Hi All,

I left the Army in 2009 after 7 years in the AAC as a pilot. I finished as a Captain and I've been in banking ever since. I have hated it for the most part so have applied to and been offered a place at medical school. This has been a long term consideration for me.

It's a 4 year course in London (SGUL) and I'll graduate with MBBS in 2015.

I spoke with RAMC recruiting and they say that I am eligible to be considered for a cadetship. I may pursue it but I wanted to see what people thought on here.

I'll be 36 when I graduate and at the moment I have a wonderful girlfriend that works in Canary Wharf in banking as well.

What kind of career path does the RAMC offer if I was to go a surgical route - can I even choose surgery or will I be an RMO?

I'm at the very start of the process ,yet to do the Arms Selection board though I am exempt RCB or whatever it is nowadays. I'm putting out CC1 to all my RAMC friends to get a better idea but all thoughts here are appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Did pretty well at school, hence the pilot banker doctor bit :D#

Girlfriend is an ex prom queen but not a model.

Am genuinely after some advice if anyone has any. I'm not a journo either though how much weight that carries I dunno. :D
Yes you will have to do a stint as an RMO, so you don't think it's easy street MOs were being resigned from the PGMO course for not coming up to standard.
Have you considered moving to Oz and becoming a Flying Doctor???

Ta Boom Tish!

is that my carriage?.....I thank you
Pilot, banker, doctor...When you complete your doctoring course, go straight to law school. Then everyone will be able to hate you!

Good luck.
Bloody over achievers :)

I may be very well out of date with this info (it's 12 years since I was in), but a good friend who was RMO at the time said that the RAMC progression of courses seemed almost designed to keep one in the Army as they were in a completely different order to those in civvy street. In other words, you may accumulate 5 years of mil quals, but have to start in the NHS as a day one doctor.

It may well have changed a lot, but it's worth checking out.


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We had an ex-para capt who was our consultant psychiatrist, he'd also been a barrister very talented chap. I recall he diagnosed his own heart attack and called an ambulance they didn't get to him in time.
Yes you will have to do a stint as an RMO, so you don't think it's easy street MOs were being resigned from the PGMO course for not coming up to standard.
That's really helpful. No really, you must post more often we've clearly been missing erudite thought within this hallowed forum.

MEDEVAC, best people to speak to are RAMC Recruiting, they will give you chapter and verse. A couple of years ago you were virtually guaranteed a training pathway through to your consultancy but it isn't so clear cut anymore. There have been cases where some have had their training chopped just short of being a Consultant although thankfully it's still rare. The nuances of this are varied and you're best off speaking to the recruiters for the latest info. That you held a commission previously is a definite plus on your side and your age shouldn't matter either (it never used to, it was done on a case by case basis) but times change so check. I don't need to tell you the pros and cos of entering medicine at a later stage in life, you'll undoubtedly have considered that, but you will end up doing some jobs in the Army that you'll remember from your subbie days and being a junior doc in Bn isn't far off from it - despite your professional status.

Anyway, back to my original point, speak to the recruiters. And if you do manage to get a sensible response from a doc on here, so much the better but go in with your eyes open.
doesnt the current DGAMS have his pilot wings?
I can't imagine there's too many MOs with pilot wings on their chest. Nor indeed University Cadets.

Years ago I knew an ex-RAF pilot who was then a doctor, but not in the mob. Good luck!
Quite a few as it happens. Well not strictly MO's but SAMs (Specialist Aviation Medicine). RAMC Docs who do the pilots course, a tour as a pilot then tend to hang around aviation for the rest of their time. Clever chaps.
Most were too interested in keeping up their flying hours and less interested in the job they were meant to be doing, which was grounding you lot. Most SAMs I met were top guys and if I remember at least 1 girl. Back to the question speak to the RAMC recruiters they will keep you straight good luck.
MEDEVAC, have you considered joining a TA medical unit whilst at Med school? You'll get help and advice from real world doctors, a few bob in your pocket and you won't owe the Army a return of service.

If I said you were far too old and soft to apply to an elite medical unit would that fire you up?

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