Ex army lightweight


I am taking a mark 3 petrol lightweight off my brother on sunday. All original apart from the electric fan.

Has anybody out there got one? I want to run around the farm on it so it won't be a waltmobile.

Any tips? Ideas? Which tyres would you recommend?

Cheers y'all


I have just got rid of my 24v FFR, good old 53 HK 12, I miss you baby…..

Anyway back on thread they are indestructible my friend.
In my opinion you are best of leaving all the running kit as is, spares are plentiful and cheap, however the 2 ¼ petrol engine is a bit on the juicy side….
Its ok if you are doing the odd weekend / green laning etc but if you intend to use it as a regular ride be prepared for expense. If that is the case perhaps get some free wheeling hubs to save on some of the fuel costs.

If you have any specifics please feel free to pm me, I also have a few spares that you might be interested in, including a canvas tilt, shovel pick etc


Hi Osta

I am informed that it's got freewheeling hubs already. My brother worked for landrover for a bit and got loads of stuff done on the sly.
He pulled the same stunt at Norton - got his commando rebuilt by the blokes who built it in the first place. Does he get a medal?

I hear that some people have put diesel engines into them. Ever heard of this practise?


Hello mate,

Well done on the hubs that will make a difference, sounds as though your brother is quite resourceful (for that read good at thieving!)

I have heard about diesel engine conversions, apparently the Dutch Army used disels in their lightweight fleet?

Other than plenty of info here:
Lightweight info

And info on diesel conversions here:

Diesel conversions

Good luck


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