Ex-army guy sleeping rough in Salisbury - help needed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by VladiVarious, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. Came across a guy sleeping rough on a bench in Salisbury today. Didn't get much info out of him as he was fairly shot away but he said he was ex-army (mentioned Catterick). Took him to John Baker House but all they could do was give him a sleeping bag and a blanket and sent him in the direction of Alabare in Barnard Street. Took him over there and all they could do was give him an hour or so in the warmth and a hot meal. Both organisations referred him to SSAFA and the council but he's so far gone i'm not sure he was able to make sense of it. So he's going to be sleeping rough for at least tonight and maybe a few more, depending on whether he's able to get to the council offices tomorrow (I did show him where they are but again, I'm not sure it went in)
    Felt bad leaving him but my husband's away and I've 18 month old twins to look after so I didn't feel I could do much more.
    I have heard about folk on here helping out those in need and wondered if anyone could offer any suggestions?
    The guy is 6'3", fairly thin, white/grey hair (almost shoulder length) and was wearing camouflage trousers (green based) and a navy blue FCUK zip up cardigan (way too small - he got it from a clothing bin). If there's anyone out there in a position to find the guy (I don't think he'll have gone far) and give him some help, I'd be really grateful.

    Also, if I've posted this in the wrong thread, could you let me know where best to post it?

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  2. Perhaps if you sent a PM to 'porridge_gun' he may be able to help or the RBL.
  3. Will do. Thanks
  4. Good drills and props to you but be VERY careful wandering around and getting immersed in his 'world', its a dark and dangerous sub culture. My Mum directs a large project at the minute and has worked in and out of this field (drugs/alcohol/mental health) for a long time, some of her dits are shocking! Only spend time with him in well populated areas. if he has to 'meet someone', you just leave him to it and do not accompany him! Leave your purse and bag at home, carry loose change (for brews or if he needs to make a call, never let someone use your personal phone) and bin off your jewellrey (in effect, sanitise yourself) and dont tell him where you live, even the area! People can be quite resourceful when in need!

    What you are doing is a good thing, just think of numero uno though as many with good will and intent have woken up bashed to pieces minus wallet watch car keys!

    My homeless and very good mate Nick said he was weighing up robbing me with a knife the night we met on an empty train platform until I stood up and was twice the size of him and full of Stella and Scotch!

    By all means if you can get him on a train to Leeds (again, I know many homeless types, particurlarly ex forces are very transient) then I know just the person to pass him onto. PM sent with my number.

    Porridge is on his Holidays, but message him through the Hols4Heroes site.
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  5. Good that you care, but there are many out there who claim to be ex-mil but aren't. Put him in touch with TRBL - he needs to be verified as a vet before you take this any further.
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  6. CS IX Gives good advice. The lad may or my not be ex forces, he might not know who the hell he is himself.
  7. Try up at Tedworth House. When I was there on course a homeless guy was being sorted, from scoff to assisting with admin.
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  8. Won't take him unless he has been verified.
  9. Nor will Phoenix House in Catterick.
  10. Will try TRBL tomorrow if I can find the guy again. Thanks for the advice.
  11. ....................................There is a fair chance that this person isn't ex forces.

    I know a couple on the Kings rd, they wear military trousers & will tell anybody that will listen, that they are ex mob.

    Being ex, is good for handouts from gullible do gooders. Thats why they use the ex ploy!

    The nearest they've been to the Army is passing through Aldershot on a train.
  12. I've helped out a few blokes in London and usually ask them some simple questions like: what was your CO's name, what's a PTI do and were you a hat, if not, why? Pretty simple questions. Hard to walt that if you're homeless.
  13. X59

    X59 LE

    Like some on here then ?
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  14. Quite!:tp:
  15. Don't expect too much in return, in fact don't expect anything back at all however grateful they appear to your face. Highly unlikely that you'll turn their lives around with a cuppa and a warm up for a while. Doesn't mean it's not worth the effort, though some are very much happily* stuck in their rut.

    * amazing what some will put up with and consider "happy".