ex army construction graduate needs help!


Basically I served in the REME as a VM for 5 years since the age of 16 and signed off at the age of 21 in 2007. I 'signed' off so I could go to university. I wanted a career change and opted for the construction industry and subsequently took a degree in Construction Management. For those who aren't aware of the impact of the recession in 08-09, the construction industry has been hit the hardest and many people were and are still being made redundant. This has left people in similar situation to mine a nightmare to find jobs, hence why I am posting this on ARRSE to seek advice and gain information.

Now then, coming to the end of my degree course, like many other people, I need a job, I am very much interested in working abroad in the middle east or east asia (as I can speak a foreign language of Malay). Typically though, the jobs im after is site engineering, site management or estimating, basically the running of the construction site.

So I suppose by now you readers will have deduced that I have no construction experience (like most new graduates), and also, like any other ex mil, that I have many transferable skills to offer. I am 24 years old, soon going to be 25 and British.

So I have some questions for all of you to answer, thanks in advance! The questions are:

1) Do you know of a person/recruiter that specialises in construction for ex-forces?

2) Were you in a similar situation?
If you were in a similar situation, please share your stories as I will certainly share mine in a few months down the line!

3) What are my chances of getting a job abroad then, having in mind of my limited experience?

Any other relevant information, then please share with us.



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