Ex and current check in here.

Hmm, glad to see the usual Esprit de Int Corps displayed in the huge number replies posted here. :p
A light-sider with a couple of odd tours myself, however comma I am obliged to say that I was known to drink beer with Darksiders in the 'Fly, some of whom had even been Scaleys in a previous existence (alledgedly)
I'm trying to keep standards down to the old level, but they're being forced up by things like professionalism and discipline. Shocking really.


tha answer is...maybe we have forgotten what we are trying to achieve-I did the moonlight flit from the darkside to a corps with a slightly different green colured hat (and a rupertship) and looking from the outside the Corps is still trying to pull itself to bits...pity, as individuals we have a good rep but as an organisation they are laughing at us guys.....
Glad, I'm light sider and proud of it. That's Op Int & Sy by the way, none of this modern rubbish. How are we meant to get someone capable of doing every job in the Corps in the same time as the old A3 Op Int & Sy used to be? Bit of a puzzler, eh?
I haven't the remotest idea. I did some cross-pollination, but my overall thrust was dark. The sheer scale of the skills necessary to do each side makes the hybrid concept unattratice. Come to that, Lightsiding takes in at least three entirely separate activities - Darksiding at least the same - each of which needs a lifetime's learning to encompass sensibly.
I've been looking at the flow charts and other impressive-looking staff tools that describe the new career structure. From what I can see an A3 Op MI is going to be virtually useless at all disciplines, and will need to wait until A2 to get proper training in one of them. What a waste.
i think the whole thing is a bag of arrse, i joined to be a light sider, not to do any dark side stuff.

we are all in danger of becoming jack of all, master of none.

what happens when they post a dark sider sgt maj into a security wo's job, he/she isn't going to have a scooby - no amount of courses is going to make up for experience

Ex - (real) Light sider, and i will say the controversial, not all dark siders need darkness and a lack of garlic to function.  Most are ok and some are even my mates, i just won't let my daughter marry one ;)

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