Ex-ACF Cadets / first impressions of OTC

Discussion in 'OTC' started by DOGboys, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. hey, this thred is mainly on what peoples opinion of OTC is compared to ACF. also non-ACF cadets, what where you expecting? i have just moved, and am finding it a complete dos in comparison.

    i was hoping for somthing a bit more professional, but it seems to just be a booze-up. in my opinion you should work hard to play hard.

    whats your opinion? was anyone else hoping for something a bit more... military?
  2. That was exactly my opinion 25 years ago. Some things just don't change.

    I gave it 18 months and then went across to the TA.
  3. Well the ACF is all about drill, and yeah the OTC is a bit of a doss, but you get to do much more than the ACF and you get paid..
    Also the ACF think they are in the army and try to prove it by doing hardcore things to make up for the fact.

    Go join a local TA Inf Bn, you will prob have much more fun and people wont have to listen to 'when I was a cdt WO2 etc'.
  4. it seem there is no weeding out the wasters, just here to have fun and p1ss about from the cadets who want to put some effort in and get something from the experiance, whilst still having a good time.

    i just get the feeling that this is just going to produce inferior officers who were hoping for more of the same, and getting instead a rude awakening!
  5. It certainly has in the past (those that go to the TA). But at last this is starting to change with the requirement to run proper MOD 3 courses.

    Hopefully the direction that has been coming down from CRF such as putting requirements on OTCs to produce a quota of TA officers will continue the change to a unit with some military value, but it won't happen overnight.

    If you're primary interest in military training you're still better off in the TA or possibly as a TASO at OTC.

    Nothing worng with drinking societies per se but I'd rather they wern't funded from my taxes and pretended to be part of the Army.
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Coming from a CCF background, I'm really enjoying OTC. If you want a challenge, then yes go to a TA unit. But just think, you're at university and you want to have fun, you get paid to be part of an otc and you'll be with people much your own age.

    If you want a real challenge, then try to get on a cambrian team - i hear that's not quite a little bimble around a park.

    Just out of interest, what OTC are you with?
  7. If (as your avatar suggests) you aspire to be in the QRL then you may find that an OTC background stands you in better stead than a TA Bn?

    There are plenty of opportunities in the OTC to spring into more warry pastimes - I did CTCRM's 'Green Student' and there are plenty of attachments and competitions to be done, from (in my day) Ex Cambrian Patrol through to Ex Coprolite Midden.

    OTC pays out what you put in, just like the TA.
  8. sorry, but i feel the need to fight the ACFs corner here, as it is something i feel strongly about.

    yeah we did alot of drill, but the ACF is about giving kids from predominantly poorer areas something to feel pride for and to develop self respect and discipline, which is what drill is all about.

    and no, we never thought we were real soldiers, but held a deep respect for them (even if we were a bit lippy sometimes), and because of this many tried to emulate them by doing "hardcore things".
  9. no offence bbear, but most of the rest of my OTC is ex-CCF, and they all say the exactly same thing, they all love it. one said somthing like

    "OTC is great, its just like CCF, no one minds about your dress, training is easy and we get to drink as well. i was worried they would shouting at us n stuff"

    what more can i say?
  10. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    All I can say to that is that they definately didn't go to my CCF! I wouldn't say that my lots training is easy, dress standards are high and we do get shouted at if we fcuk up! What part of training don't you like?

    Also, sorry - I can understand drill for "the movement of a body of soldiers, whether individually or in a group, in a smart and uniform manner". To make kids from the lower end of the social spectrum feel some pride then that's admirable. But I'd rather do stuff like battlefield pt, FA, inf skills than drill, but that's just me I guess (would help with some of the xmas podge as well!)

    Sorry, what lot are you with again?
  11. it's not the training, its the attitude. on camps cadets bimble round where they want. backchat and lack of respect for ranks go unnoticed, not even corrected!
    student ran naked across the stage at the annual ball for crists sake! there were miner dignataries there, the culprit has "remaind unknown" and the worst that happened was a mention on next parade about responsable behavior!?! WTF

    and as far as ACF is concerned, we did an even mix of all those things, we just give drill the importance it deserves as being equily important as the more "green" stuff.
  12. and i'd rather not mention which unit i'm at, if you don't mind.
  13. I bet they can spell though - and it sounds like they're having fun too.

    Maybe you should be in the TA.
  14. I think the difference is you are treated more like officers than other ranks. There isn't as much shouting, but then the people there are meant to be intelligent undergrads. etc. and boozing is not an abnormal way for messes to be used. If you visit a regiment's officers mess, you might find that certain aspects are quite similar (this being an observation rather than a statement of fact) as the people there are none too different either. I am enjoying it at OTC as it is a fulfilling option and don't see why you would rather be treated as a delinquent a la ACF. Ours seems to get a good balance of work hard play hard, without impinging too much on an already busy schedule (mine is anyway).
  15. Nor was this the atttude in my CCF (but lets not turn this into another CCF vs ACF b1tch fest)!

    I was also a bit disapointed with the OTC when I first joined, for what sound like similar reasons to you, although perhaps not quite to the same extent. I also found some of the training quite tedious because I had covered the same things in the CCF, in some cases I'd even taught it too!
    Best thing is just to crack on and help your mates who aren't as experienced as you. Once you move on to the MTQ2 training though you will be going over things that are new to you and everyone else, and hopefully by that time those who aren't as keen/committed as you will have fallen by the wayside.

    My advice to you would be stick with the OTC till after your annual camp this summer. If you're still having issues then perhaps you should move on, either to the TA or back to the ACF and train to become an AI.

    PS The antics at your dinner sound quite amusing, perhaps you need to loosen up a bit. :wink: