Ex 9 para sqn bloke here!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ABF9, Jan 2, 2006.

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  1. Was in the Squadron from 96 to 99.

    In 2 troop and the sigs wing.

    Some of the blokes that were in the same time as me were Mick HXXX,Steve PXXXXX,Nick JXXXXX scouse WXXXXX Pady WXXXXXX and Ginge LXXXXXXXXXXX to name a few.

    Any other 9 squadron blokes out there?????????????????????????? :roll:
  2. what about pers security?
  3. ABF9, check your personal messages and edit out the names in your post please. Then read the forum rules regarding PERSEC.
  4. place is full of craphats
  5. I take it you're not staying then....??
  6. Typical Squadron attitude, feckin cheese dick wedgehead. Ive worked with some top blokes in 9. You mustve fallen through the net landed on your head and killed the only braincell you had. R u the cock head who lost his rifle in GV97/98 and then had it quietly swept under the carpet.

  7. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Must have been a bit of a lumpy carpet.

  8. Mate dont feel bad about it. :twisted:

    You cant help it if you cant reach the standards required for an airborne unit.

    You just keep your feet on the ground and you will be ok. :D
  9. oh good, another idiot, just what we need.
    surely if you were super duper airborne through and through then youd have joined the Para Reg! (no offence to the non-chopper members of the site who have completed the all arms parachuting course)

    Enjoy your stay on our site.

  10. aawww, did you expect it to be an airborne site? the person who read it to you must have lied

    were you ever in any other squadrons apart from 9 or did you just do 3 years?
  11. Really. Been there, done that. Had the T shirts. Moved on.

    Is tots still knocking around down there.

  12. Wonderful..... another "hats are crap" string but with the added piquancy of RE flavour............ adds to the value, doesn't it?

    .........Thought not.
  13. Including you, you knob-jockey! Repeat after me "I'm not a proper Para they just let me wear the hat!"
    Finished? good, now get back in your box. :roll:
  14. AIRBORNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Got that out of my system...........( goes back to orally pleasuring a tramp whilst plunging a becks bottle in his back eye)
  15. Nice GB!, was that a "Red Letter Day" Crimbo pressie from the new ASDA range? :wink:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.