Ex 33 Engineer Nick Whelan Dies in accident

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by re-stilly, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Ex 33 Sapper Nick Whelan died on Saturday as a result of an accident.

  2. Jeesh - I knew him. RIP chap.
  3. I knew him at 58 Squadron and did a REST course with him at Lodge Hill. Always thought he was a nice bloke. Sad news.
  4. RIP Nick, did a tour of Belize with him in 94. Excellent bloke.
  5. RIP Nick

    Knew him at 21
  6. I heard this a couple of days ago, Very Sad News, by all accounts Nick was a popular guy.

    Heartfelt Condolences to his Family & Friends.

    It's been an extremely sad year for serving and former 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD)

    The 5 of them will no doubt be sharing an Ale or Two and plenty of Tales in Sapper Valhalla...

  7. RIP Nick, you leave an empty space in the sqn bar mucker.
  8. So sad to read this I knew both Nick and his Brother while I was attached to 33. Such a sad loss condolances to Danny and the rest of the family.