Ex 156/22 Battery Soundranger/Surveyors

Fellas, fellas, fellas. They're are plenty of us around, not many left in though. But there is no way you're 22 Bty, if you were you wouldn't have allowed yourself to include 156 Bty in the same line of the title!!
Ahhh and its comments like that which made the transistion soooo painless

I would like to point out that I didn't reply to this before as I have NEVER felt like a member of 22
My blood runs green and yellow :wink:
Now you see, you took that personally. But you can't blame us for being a little pissed off at you 156 people, after all you gave us two BSMs and a BC that wouldn't have looked out of place in Billy Smart's circus. No names but we all know who we're talking about, but just in case, here's a reminder;

Flat-cap, barbour jacket, cycling around Besbrook talking to the locals in a false Irish accent - ring any bells!!

I rest my case!!
Hey we didn't want him, think you had it bad, we had that clown TWICE !!!!!!!!

Also that episode was the 156 tour not the 22 one, thankfully he had calmed down a little for the 22 tour but was still a clown of the highest order, but then again he had an even bigger clown as BSM. But if you want to have a go at us for that what about that total tosser sent to us as our last BSM, if he had a backbone then half the things BC clown got away with would never of happened.

The truth of the matter is the transistion would of been a lot better if those 2 idiots weren't in charge, as they were both ex-156 they came down on us in an attempt to drive the old bty out of us, banning 156 t-shirts that sort of thing also the sudden rush in 22 promotions while the 156 lads marked time just before disbandment didn't go amiss either. All the Q lads were given free reign by wearing their t-shirts and even stable belts, us ? Nothing, if you dared to mention you were 156 all hell would decend, many NCOs had chats without coffee over that, myself included. Thing is though, some how the 22 lads felt agrieved over it all and felt THEY were the victims, must be the imminent arrival of the TSBs taking affect. When this sort of thing happens all it does is drive you to be MORE 156 rather than less.

There was always going to be clashes cross bty due to the fact we were rivals in 94, when Q Bty lads went to 57 they were from different regts, when they came to 22 again differnet regts. When 156 joined 22 we had approx half the man power, also you took over 156 garages, 156 equipment (due to 22 having tonka toys) and 156 accom in the process. What gulled us the most was the owers that be didn't want 22 they wanted 156, that in they wanted an armoured Locating Bty which we were, you weren't, your only saving grace was seniority, which is the only reason we went the way of the dodo.

The amalgamation (as I like to call it) was a tough idea, it was a bit like joining Rangers and Celtic together to form Glasgow United, it could happen, it could work, but will take many years for the old loyalties to wash out the blood, to put it bluntly 22 is better off without the likes of us
H.P.Flashman said:
Wat about dronies and met men?, the backbone of these bty's.!!
Too true, had the more impressive kit as well - at least there was tangible work being undertaken :)
I have to agree with Wellyhead, we weren't welcomed with open arms into 22 (not that we would have expected anything less due to the rivalry in 94) but it was made more difficult by the 2 clowns trying to stamp out old loyalties.
I have to say though over time and several beers the resentment turned into banter (certainly within my circles).
As an ex 156 member, would have hated to have been thrown into a rival Bty because mine was to be disbanded, take my hat of to you all that did, mixing that with a few beers there could only have been one outcome..........."Dukes a flying everywhere!"
As for us Dronies/Met being called "Tangible",....most of the fellas couldnt spell it and the rest would have tried to eat it!!
During the Tour of Northern Ireland in 1994, the BSM sent round the Regimental photographer to get some photos of the blokes for the Regimental magazine.

Because all talk of being ex 156 Battery was outlawed, we sent the paparazzo away while we changed T-Shirts. The only face I haven't obscured is my own...


Needless to say, that this photo didn't make the Regimental Magazine...

Greetings Gunners Technical.
REME Ece Dronie H Tp 156 Bty 79-82 here.
Thoroughly enjoyed my time with you boys in Celle, excellent posting.
Did a lot of shooting.
Apologies for Drone 2008.
ece69c said:
Greetings Gunners Technical.
REME Ece Dronie H Tp 156 Bty 79-82 here.
Thoroughly enjoyed my time with you boys in Celle, excellent posting.
Did a lot of shooting.
Apologies for Drone 2008.
F**k me, first the Dronie's and Balloon puffers are getting in on the act, now the flippin' REME.
Team work Mr Mo, we all need each other.
Praise where praise is due.
Rather 94 Loc than the RHA...
In the Portaloos and twice in her room.

I have a strong feeling I've been 'Pinged' here.

Tell me Bagpuss, you wouldn't be in that photo I've posted up, would you?

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