Ex 11 Armd Wksp

Best Unit ever. Top bunch of lads. I even felt guilty taking a wage. Moved with them to 5 Armd Wksp (so so) then 9 Fd Wksp (crap). If all REME Bn's were like this it would be the first Unit on anyones PPP.
What great times were had at this outstanding unit. Have always been scared to go near REME Battalions since leaving 5 Armd, when they went back to Bordon. Both 5 and 11 had the misfortune to have this callsign but never got round to the idea of coming back to Blighty with them. Must have been there the same time as both yourselves Tin Bath and Spanner Monkey.
Good to hear some are still around to remember the good times instead of all the normal moaning and groaning.
Did either of you used to live in the Bronx?
I started off in the blocks down by the bar, in the massive room at the end. I then moved to to blocks just up from the cookhouse, then when I got back from the gulf I was in the blocks up by the Sgts mess. But the unit was the best ever
I was a refugee from the "Bronx", was in FRG and Packs from Oct88-Jun91,I remember *****,"**************************************************************************** and a whole lot more.I agree with the comments about it being a cracking posting. "Big Ben" with BJ the DJ!, OG's,Elli Pirrellis and "Stickies" (KlubAltermann), Q's in Lippstadt and Playas in Soest!

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I was 5 but went on Op Granby with 11. Seemed OK and seemed OK when 11 joined 5 after the gulf but it all started going a bit Pete Tong.
I was in V&G then Packs for Granby after coming from FRG33.
Still in touch with some folks.
As for the lads from 11 that came to 5.....I apologise for the conduct of our OC when you came over. We didn't ask for him.

I remember him in the middle of the dance floor in OG's tapping up some local frau with the line "Do you wanna see my magic jeans?" she looked puzzled then young damage says "look, one minute theyre light blue, and the next theyre dark blue!" as he promptly emptied his bladder into them.
He didn't pull on that occasion.

Anyone believe the one about him flooring a household cavalry hoss with one punch?


Monty S*itwhistle?

The Legend Of Damage parts 3 and 4

Stagging on SDC and me and Damage stopped by the Beer Tent where the lads were supping Warsteiner and watching some quality specialist German Frankie Vaughan. Not the kind that Horrid and Bob Underpants watched but specialist nevertheless.
Damage tapped me on the shoulder and said "I'm off for a dump" and wandered into the night.
Ten minutes later he came back. I looked him up and down and said "You've been cracking one out again haven't you?"
He denied it and denied in until I pointed at his right boot which had a thick coating of something akin to high protein wall paper paste. He casually kicked one of the lads in the back doors and said "See you later" thereby leaving his deposit all over the victims derriere.

We left our room key above the door but one day it wasn't there. I was trying to access the room with a girlfriend so went to the bar to find Damage and the key. Not there either. Through the window I thought. Pushed the window open and the curtains to the side to see in the gloom a sudden movement as someone dived behind the sofa.
"Who's that?" I challenged
Damage stood up from behind the sofa butt naked with a little boner to which I followed his gaze to see our floor carpetted in A5 German Porn.
"I was having a toss" he said
"No s**t!"

happy days
I got to 11 in Dec 89, went out to Granby with em, and stayed for a very happy 3 years. What a posting, and what a great bunch of lads. Except for the tiffy, who was a nob, and was sacked from tiffy-ing in the Gulf and made the postman! :)
aaaaahhhhhh yes the postman!
Tales from Op Granby MRG11
The Desert Mouse underground newspaper.
The severe ragging Gillan and some others got from DRA.
Big and Daft getting us bogged down in sand trying to change from 3rd to 4th in a 14 Tonne which resulted in me battering him about the head for being simple only for Rappers to pull up and drag me to one side and let me know that Big and Daft fought for Wales at Judo and at any point could tear my head from my shoulders.
Me getting a shovel and sheepishly helping dig us out whilst asking Big and Daft how things were going.
The same Big and Daft walking into the CV8 barn with a booby trap asking "Q......what's this then?"
CV8 section of packs disappearing over the horizon leaving BandD on his ownsome.
The Wobbs convoy fragmenting during a night move and meeting up 24 hours later after someone turned their headlights on and lit up 1 UK Div on the move.
The CV8 barn constantly getting pierced by the jib of the Coles everytime we stopped.
The swiss alcohol frei kak beer.
The can can the British Caledonian girls did for us at the top of the steps as we drove away from the plane to Slack bladder lines.
All good fun
Aahh the Gulf!!!

The 3 1/2 day JMC. The night navex where you could see all the marker points from the start line coz it was the moon was so bright and they were marked with cylumes.

The sappers coming in and grading a drill square?? Not being able to do weapon drill coz all the guys had different weapons.

Remember dumping an 8 tonner full of spillsorb (yes spillsorb) in a hole in the desert along with elephant stands etc coz it wasn't needed - talk about stating the bl**dy obvious.

I was in V & G (LCpl) where we literally placed a couple of nuts and bolts in LR floorplates after gearbox changes - deep joy until after the war when they had to all be replaced and we had winged 'em.

Happy Days
The Desert Mouse....

Thank fcuk for that.... I'd almost forgot. Cheers Paul if your reading this, bought tears to my eyes!!

As for SSGT B****, posty nob, even his brother thought he was a twat!

Speaking of twats, I can't remember his name, but the 2ic had a lot of enemies if I remember correctly. After nearly killing Grimly Fiendish on a run in Soest, with him being found by a German civi, and rushed to hospital! In the Gulf the 2i/c kept finding rounds with his name scratched on em!

I remember turning up there as a nig armr and my Sgt was under mess arrest for scrapping with a RE in the Horse & Crown, and the Cpl was uner investigation for something or other....

Happy days.
Got to 11 2 days before everyone flew out to Granby, wasn't allowed to go. Spent the rear party downtown every night and a bit of work in HQ 6 Bde. Went to 5 Armd Wksp when the move happenned and then had to change to AGC *spit*
Who was it who set their car on fire and tried to deny it.Even though the bloke concerned was found in the transit block (the bronx was being modernised!) asleep with a cuddly toy out of his car and stinking of benz!.Think he used to work in V&G.
Does anyone remember the Wob that was a fat knacker before we even went to the gulf then tried to claim millions saying he's fat cos of Gulf War Syndrome? Last seen on a documentary in a wheel chair looking like Andy off of Little Britain.
Capt Worm! The popular guy who did a mean impression of Forrest Gump both physically and mentally.
Can remember the dude setting his motor on fire but can't remember his name.
Can also remember the dude who robbed the banks then got collected from German nick. The escorts walked past him twice before he asked "are you here for me?" stood there in a crisp white blouse, leather mini, fishnets and a red wig.
He's a cock in a frock now in Southampton I've been reliably informed
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