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Hey Everyone,

I have looked over all the forums and websites I could find in regards EWSOs and I was looking for a bit more info.

My Situation:
I'm at the end of a honours degree in Science and tech (Majors in Information systems and Design Technology) so i know my way around a few systems, can program in a few languages+websites, make my own RC cars and I want a masters eventually (MBA/IT management etc). Also quite fit and stay active (rowing, waterpolo, touch rugby, etc).

The Question:
My question was, do you think from my standing I should go in as a soldier or go through officers training? I really dont want to be sitting in front of a computer all the time (i can do that as a civvy, i want practical experience) . I saw that there is an opportunity to do para/other training. Could I still do EW going in as an officer and then still be able to do para training and be posistioned as a support unit?

Any info will be much appreciated.

If you want to DO the job, soldier. If you want to LEAD (manage) soldiers who are doing the job, officer.
well can you still do the para/other trainings as well being an officer or is that mainly used to train the EWSO to act independently with other units? also out of curiosity, if you elect to do the in service degree (Msc CIS) is there a larger minimum period of service? (a friend in australia said that if you study for a degree with the army you give back all the yrs studied + 1)
Join as a Rodney, no contest, if you feel you can fulfil that criteria, make the most of it, and your prospects for the future after the military will probably be better as well
My situation. Graduate in non vocational degree from reputable university. Joined as a soldier, many friends from university, with whom I was in the TA with, joined as officers, so I feel qualified to comment seeing both sides of the coin.

Personally, I don't regret the soldier decision; I have nearly 5 years work experience and am currently half way through gaining a vocational foundation degree as part of my upgraders course. Should I decide to leave in the next few years, I will be well equipped for the job market, perhaps even more so than my officer friends a lot of whom are like me and have non vocational degrees and are at that Captain's signing off stage. But this is all a few years down the line for you.

Day in day out, the soldier's job is much more hands on, but even then there are the hangers to be swept, radio detachments to be maintained etc etc. If you are as hands on as you say you are, then you will definately prefer the soldier trades. But, you still might find that you don't play with the kit enough anyhow. There are more opportunities for the specialised stuff as a soldier as well.

The officers do spend a disproportionate amount of time behind their desks writing soldiers' reports and suchlike, despite what the recruitment posters will lead you to believe, even if you are at a specialised unit.

Finally, if you have the qualifications like yours, you shouldn't discount the CS Eng trade rather than just fully focus on the EW side of things.
To add to other comments. There is no DE Officer "trade" stream in the R SIGNALS. You join as a generalist (even if you are technical) and can try to get involved with EW or other trades but probably find you will dip in and out of whatever floats your boat, if you're lucky enough.

Regardless of whether you join as an Officer or Soldier you will be able to try for things like Para, All arms Commando, etc. Just depends on what you want to do and what your chain of command will support you with.

If you join as a soldier your degree would indicate that you should be looking at CS Eng not EW, but EW is getting more technical.

Good luck.
It all depends on what you mean by EW and your understanding of it, but if you join the RAF you could be both an officer and an EW boffin. Most of the officers at the Defence EW Centre are crabs. And some of them aren't complete cnuts either. I say some, not most.
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