EWSO - muddy feet or sore arrse?

Hello Signals,

I’m a slightly older recruit who’s just been passed fit for RSC. I’m 30 years of age, good life experience and qualifications, still going strong with 1.5m run time just under 9 minutes, experienced in a range of outdoor activities; climbing, mountaineering, navigation, etc, and looking for a technical trade where I can get my hands and feet dirty so to speak. And I have a query I hope someone can help me with please.

I’m finalising my 3 trade choices. 1st choice is defiantly Gunner Observation Post with ambition for Special Observers after gaining some experience –it suits my skill set and interests best. My 2nd and 3rd choices are Electronic Warfare Systems Operator and TUAV Operator.

What I’d like to know; is EWSOp a soldiering job, in the field, some patrolling, an active career, or, is it more back seat –sitting in a box operating electronic equipment? I have done some research but not been able to find much about it, or contact anyone who knows. Within the trade of EWSO, are there separate roles, some of which are more active then others?

I hope you can help me out here with a little advice please. -I’m after a technical role with in the field soldiering and combat.

Thanks & all the best - Nick
EW Sys Op both deploy operationally and work back in barracks. They have a few seperate roles that you can dip in and out of before specialising. It is high pay band with a quick supervisory route providing a solid promotion tree.

As for soldiering you will find most aspect of the signals doing force protection in one way or another and EW fits right in that.
As an EW Sys Op you may find yourself on patrol with the Inf, sat in the back of a landrover, an air conditioned room or even working as part of an ATO team.
As 'Ally' as OPs in the Arty - no. Better than sitting in Bde HQs - yes.
Be aware, the postings can be quite limited - not unusual for people to spend 5-6 years in 1 unit (usually 14 Sigs), but there are some 'niche' postings and the job can be interesting, giving a buzz and some satisfaction - mainly on ops though - day to day life in the UK can be quite dull.
Hope this helps. I've been in the trade for circa 17 years so if you have any specific questions please PM me.
Hi, sorry to jump on this one but im starting basic this monday and my first choice is communications systems engineer. Ive been looking at the EWSO role and it seems that its a more 'out of the office' job. As it appears to me the CSE role does involve a bit more sitting at a computer/inside than i first anticipated. I was just wandering how the two roles compared to each other in that respect, i understand the difference in their roles and as far as im aware theyre fairly similar in most other aspects as in pay, promotion etc. Any info would be much appreciated, cheers.
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