Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by MervoRed, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. Did a post on this before and received a few cunty replies so, ill do another one but with only these two questions. Is it fun or does it become tedius? & I know areas of this job are kept secret, but can someone tell me as much as they are allowed to about this job.

    Any shite replies from people trying to be funny will be ignored.
  2. Another live one.

    I stand by to be ignored.
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  3. You should probably kill yourself. You would definitely get filled-in in Wales you dullard.
  4. What they say.
  5. Are you squeaking to me?
  6. You really are a ******* mong. Your question is entirely subjective. What I may find interesting may be very boring to you etc.

    **** off and shoot yourself.
  7. Of course not you volcano-breathed ****. I was referring to the wannabe sigint mong, with as much chance of cutting about unhindered in a RAB jacket as I have of ever being accepted by Greenpeace.

    If you want me to kill you though I need some new Altbergs so could always take a trip up North an kick your **** off a mountain if you fancy it.
  8. **** off, that factory is at least 3 miles away, it's up 2 big hills and everything, I'm lucky to get up the bloody stairs.

    Kick my **** in?

    Do you pick on pensioners?

    Big ARRSE Brother, he's picking on me.

    (I nearly wrote icking then, I don't know which is worse).
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  9. That **** nicked my RAB jacket anyway.

    Am I allowed to swear yet?
  10. To answer your question, yes.
  11. Or no, depending on your PoV.
  12. What's the significance of the RAB jkt? Is EWO the new EWOp? Will the OP ignore all the posts?i tune in next weeks some EWO place, same EWO channel.

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  13. The one thing you need to consider is that EW Ops are operators, operating radios. No more no less. The advantage of EW over CS is that there is kit so you won't be bored when not on tour. You also get to work in some very fluffy environments. The disadvantage is that EW generally have no clue how the rest of the Corps or even Army works due to stove piped posting options.
  14. Hmm, not had much contact with the EW/SIGINT world for a long while have you. As much as I hate to 'big-up' the spare cocks, they do significantly more than just 'operate radios'! Can't deny about limited assignment locations, but they also have a good idea about the wider army, especially the infantry, which a good many have deployed, been injured and even died alongside.
    As for not knowing what the rest of the bleeps do, can't see as that has held anyone in the Mainstream back.

    (Urgh, I feel dirty now, and not in a good way😞)

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  15. I thought Ewops was little furry things in Star Wars.
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