Ewan McGregor yesterday made an impassioned plea

source http://news.scotsman.com/uk.cfm?id=733212005

Mon 4 Jul 2005


THE Scottish actor Ewan McGregor yesterday made an impassioned plea for the G8 leaders to hear the voices of children from the world's poorest countries as he opened a summit on behalf of the United Nations children's fund, UNICEF.

The star of Trainspotting and Star Wars joined children from across the globe for the launch of the UNICEF C8 children's summit in Dunblane. McGregor said: "Next week at the G8 summit, the eight leaders are going to have ... the power to make extraordinary change in the world, truly to make poverty history. We want to make sure that they are concentrating on issues concerning child poverty."

McGregor is a UK ambassador for UNICEF and has seen child poverty at first hand in that role. He said urgent action was needed to stop the statistic of one preventable child death in the world every three seconds.

The UNICEF C8 summit is taking place at the Hilton Dunblane Hydro Hotel over the next two days and it will produce a manifesto of demands and recommendations tomorrow.

Children taking part in the C8 summit in Dunblane are aged 11 to 18 with some coming from the world's poorest countries, including Cambodia, Moldova, Yemen, Sierra Leone, Lesotho and Bolivia. They are also being joined by teenagers from the well-off G8 countries.

However, it is unclear how the UNICEF children's summit, which is meeting just down the road from Gleneagles, will be able to get its findings through the security surrounding the Perthshire hotel.

McGregor said UNICEF had attempted to arrange meetings with the G8 leaders or their wives. He said he remained hopeful a meeting could be arranged to communicate the C8 conclusions to Gleneagles.

The actor was joined on stage by the Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti, 17, who said she was awed by how articulate the UNICEF-appointed ambassadors were. Nabil Afef-Al-Yafai from the Yemen urged the G8 representatives to hear the manifesto of the world's children. "If they don't listen to children, who will they listen to?"
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1.Law Student has as much right to post here as anyone , especially as for a change she followed the correct posting format , and posted a Current Affairs story (Weak as it is)

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5. Law Student, if you insist on posting once and running, I will delete all your threads, are we clear on this?

PartTimePongo said:
Law Student, if you insist on posting once and running, I will delete all your threads, are we clear on this?

Thing is PTP - it's what he/she/it does all the time and has been doing so for weeks. It's annoying and unfortunately quite natural to bite I suppose. I will repsond as I see fit, you have the option to delete as you see fit.
Yes Tiffy , and I take your point. I am establishing 'Year Zero' . If LS insists on posting and running, then her threads get chopped , ende.

Law Student, I hope you take this on board , please tell me that you do.

On a personal and anecdotal note, the artist formerly known as the future Mrs. PTP was at college with the Ewan , he was deeply concerned with Children's suffering even then.
PartTimePongo said:
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I hope that my one would not be deleted.

Russia is not the poorest country but not the richest one. I think that Russian government doesn't make sufficien efforts to help own children.

Maybe it is slightly out of theme but taking into account nick-name of our friend the story would be in context of this thread.

My daughter 17 yesterday was at exam in Moscow university. My wife waited for her and had a conversation with one man from Beslan. His two sons were in the captured school (elder one, also 17 tries to be student of juridical faculty as my daughter).

He was severely wounded, doctors extracted 60 pieces of shrapnel from his body. The boy tried to save as many small children as possible, braught them to window. On his eyes his girl-mate was shot by terrorists.

Of course, the boy simply hadn't enough time to prepeare for exams (very diffucult ones). My wife expected that such children would be granted payment-free places in any Russian university. Payment in Moscow university is $5000 per year (very big sum for ordinary Russians).

Unfortunately, the boy hasn't any preferencies. I think that before help for Africa that probably would go directly to local corruptioners such children (as Beslan victims) should be helped first.
kgb what happened to the money that people in the uk sent to one of our national newspapers for the children in beslan , i dont know how much was raised but may be it is a help

may this money could be used for the chidren to have a education.
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