EW to Blandford

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dirk_digler, Dec 18, 2009.

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  1. Have recently been told that 14sigs may be moving from Brawdy to Blandford.any truth?
  2. The only truth is that you appear to be 10 years behind the rest of the Corps on the rumour chain :D
  3. yeah and Blandford's moving to Cyprus
  4. not in the corps myself, looking to join so may well be behind on the rumour mill! EW interests me, all the extra travel that would entail living in Brawdy does not. Just wanted confirmation
  5. 4 day week at brawdy im sure they'll carry it on when they move lol
  6. Yep, the same rumour that sees 11 Sigs and the RSS moving to St Athans in 2012 is the same rumour that has 14 Sigs moving to Blandford.

    Don't expect anything before 2014 though.
  7. No Blandford is moving back to Catterick,8 Sigs will reform, 30 will move to Blandford.7 will move to Herford via a short stint in Krefeld. 1 Div will become 4Arm Div etc again, 13 will come back as will 9, and 15. Then..They will revert the trades to combat,tech/op.....Radop,linemen,ed's,stores,rtg,dtg,telemech,tech,relay,specop ewop etc.....After messing up the trade names a little first.......ALL TO SAVE MONEY???????????????????
  8. This is all true as a geeky boy, phase 2 told me so.
  9. Ive heard they are mothballing the Bowman capability and re-issuing flags!
  10. why stop at flags? what's wrong with smoke?
  11. I know but I had to stop to take my prozac...
  12. oh and that 14 sigs will be reverting back to a troop 640!
  13. You forgot 3 Div off back to Germany !! And if we want to go back far enough...We can talk about the BEF
  14. 216 is moving to oman all para trained soldiers will live in the palace the rest will be slaves.
  15. 14 was never a troop, so can not 'revert'.

    13 and 14 (EW) Signal Regiments were sat in Germany awaiting hte 3rd Shock Army, whilst 640 (EW) Sig Tp was part of 30 Sigs in Blandford.

    In '93/94, 13 closed down and 30 departed Blandford for Bramcote. 640 went to Hullavington with 237 (EW) Signal Sqn (part of 14) who provided EW for 3 Div (both in BAOR and UK).

    13 was also the infamous home of the Germany based 'Detties' which was much harder than the UK based one (which at one time was at 21 Sigs). :D Or so those who took part in the 13 Sigs Detties will have you beleive.