EW Sys Op - Filter course?


Hello everyone,

I just want to introduce myself and say hello. 'Hello!' :thumright: I'm a 24yr old male from the south east of England and have been reading the boards since last year but this is my first post.

I know you get lots of newbies asking dim questions so I appreciate if you could humour another one for me please?

I passed my Recruit Selection at Pirbright a couple weeks ago, and now have the long wait untill 30th July for Phase 1 to begin. I have put my first job choice as Electronic Warfare Systems Operator. (I have read the many threads and many divided opinions on this job, don't worry!) From my understanding Phase 2 starts with the course that is common to Communication Systems Operators... (I have lifted this from the armyjobs.com)

"...the Royal School of Signals at Blandford in Dorset for Communication Systems Operator training which last for 20 weeks. This is followed by a 4 week filter course to asses your aptitude for further training as an Electronic Warfare Systems Operator. On successful completion of this course you will move to the Defence College of Intelligence at Chicksands, Bedfordshire where you will complete a 15 week Communications Exploitation course. "

And its the 4 week filter course that I was wondering about; has anyone taken this course recently; does anyone know what I should expect to encounter on this 4 weeks; what happens if i'm unsuccessful on this section of the course... do I then become a Communication Systems Operator as I have already taken the common course? etc etc

Just wondered if anyone out there could offer any info at all?

Thanks in advance guys

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