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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by VarSity, Jul 1, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    I went to the Army Careers Exhibition at Bassingbourn on Saturday and had a fantastic time having a chat and looking over loads of kit.

    I spent quite a bit of time talking to some signallers and have become very interested in the EW Signals role.

    One thing that has confused me is there is no EW Signals role on my BARB test list, although there are plenty of other signals roles on there.
    Is EW a role I can pick up from civvie street?
    I asked my recruitment Sergeant on the way back and he was not sure.
  2. If it wasn´t there you may not have the required test score for it, or they may be full and have removed it from the list.

    One route is join the signals as a CS Op, and then transfer over, altough it is still possible to join direct.

    More here
  3. I got something like 68-70 in my BARB test; my recruiter said there shouldn’t be much that isn’t open to me.

    Suppose I will have to take a day off work and go speak to him. Thanks for your help.
  4. Where is EW Signals training held? Is it in South Wales?
  5. THE JOB

    Electronic Warfare Systems Operators use sophisticated equipment to eavesdrop on enemy communications and uses various counter measures to disrupt them. It is classified work and you will deploy often alongside Intelligence Corps Linguists in the Electronic Warfare arena. You will be trained in every aspect of intercepting signal traffic using the full range of communications systems - this includes the theory behind radio waves, the use of various radio antenna, IT and computing skills, as well as special handling procedures. Electronic Warfare Systems Operators can also work as an Electronic Counter Measures Operator in support of a bomb disposal team.


    To become an Electronic Warfare Systems Operator, you'll need a minimum of three GCSE grades C or better in Mathematics, English Language and a Science based subject. Your trade training lasts for 45 weeks. Due to the length and high level of training, an Electronic Warfare Systems Operator can expect to be promoted to Lance Corporal on completion of the Electronic Warfare Systems Operator Class 3 level trade training course. After a year's experience in the Field Army you will become eligible for upgrading to Class 2 and a pay rise. Promotion is earned and based upon experience, ability and merit. Each upgrading and promotion is accompanied by a pay rise.


    In line with the rest of the Army, you will receive a minimum of 14 weeks basic military training which will include drill, how to handle and fire a weapon, field craft, map reading, first aid and physical fitness training.


    On completion of basic training you will move to 11 Signal Regiment Blandford Forum, Dorset to commence trade training at the Royal School of Signals for a 23 week Communication Systems Operator course. Your training will include keyboard and computer skills therefore you will complete elements of the European Computer Driving license (ECDL). This is followed by a 5 week filter course to asses your aptitude for further training as an Electronic Warfare Systems Operator. On successful completion of this course you will move to the Defence College of Intelligence at Chicksands, Bedfordshire where you will complete a 17 week Communication Exploitation course. Here you will be taught how to use all manner of communications equipment in the Ultra, High, Very and Super High frequency (UHF, HF, VHF and SHF) bands. You will also learn intercept techniques and special message handling procedures. Finally you will be taught to drive a car with and without a trailer.
  6. All that and pay!! lucky you!
  7. Makes me want to do it all again......
  8. http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/server?show=nav.6089&tab=1

    You know it makes sense! :D

    It's more or less the same apart from the fact in the RN, we're all handsome bastard's and hung like donkeys.

    And heterosexual.
  9. 98.7% of RNCTs are cunts*. Nobody likes working with them and they only like working with other RNCTs because it enhances their cuntishness.

    Although I am loathed to admit it, I would actually hold a spec op lance jack in higher regard than a CPOCT.

    *Obviously there are some exceptions, but they are few and far between.
  10. I believe the way it works now is you join the R.Signals and train as a CS Op(class 3), if you have shown aptitude you will then be offered further training in the EW specialisation. If you want more info PM me.
  11. Or train as a CS OP, pass P Company and get a posting to LEWT.

    If only everything was that simple!
  12. you CAN join direct and they are crying out for EW ops
  13. What a fucking turnaround that is; a few Years ago the Royal Corps of Signals couldn't wait to get rid of all the EWOps. :roll:

    What next, language training for EW Sys Ops? :wink: