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Hi I have noticed that now on the army website that a new role has been added to the Intelligence roster which is EW (Electronic Warfare) my question is to anyone who is "in the know" which corps does EW fall into the Royal Signals or the Intelligence Corps? as you may have guessed I would like perform the EW role within the army :)
Are you sure about this one? Just had a look at the website and the only EW job I could see is Electronic Warfare Systems Operator (Royal Signals).
Royal Signals handle the signals kit, Intelligence Corps does the intelligence work.

Pick the bit that interests you and take your chance getting to the job you want in the great posting plot of life.

To be honest, no one in the British Army does EW particularly well. But in very basic terms, EW teams often comprise Int Corps linguists and analysts, working alongside Royal Signals operators, with everyone expected to be able to multirole.
Minnesota_Viking said:
I feel the force is weak in this enquirer, and is not worthy of further enlightenment.
Yeah not clever like us eh!
REMFQuestions said:
Jinxun said:
Thank you for the replies I have decided to apply for the Royal Signals.
Worst. Decision. Ever.
I concur!
exbleep said:
Probably because they have higher standards. Your lot will take anyone (even our old EWOPs).
Yeh, it takes really high standards to put up tents for a living. Fuck off.

What is the best part about being Sigs?

Is it arriving 3 weeks before me on an exercise and living in the pishing rain whilst you install flooring for me and my department?
Or stagging on with no rifle but full webbing so you can throw one up to SO2's on their way into the nice warm Div tent?
Maybe it is having to hang around for an extra week in the pishing rain after we have packed up and drove home?

Parade 1630 Brawdy 'Parade Square'. Signal Squadron assembled.
Scaleyback Sgt Major inspecting the rows of gleaming jimmies...stops at an Int Corps soldier...
and our scene unfolds.

SSM: Something wrong here.
LCpl: .
SSM: Yes, that's it - where is your name tags LCpl?
LCpl: (Quick as a flash) Well Sir, as I am in the Intelligence Corps and not the Royal Signals, I know my own name.

Yes he was double timed off the square but the rest of the Int Corps were in stitches. Even the rad-ops were laughing.
However not as funny as:

A snowy day in Hohenfels. OISG tent has collapsed due to the weight of snow which fell during the night so OISG have thinned out for a coffee and now return in jovial spirits... and our scene unfolds.

OISG: Excuse me, you there with a curious winged fellow atop your beret.
Signals Yeoman: Yes Sir?
OISG: There was a large tent here no more than an hour ago. To where has said item went?
Signals Yeoman: We packed it into that van Sir to return it
OISG: I see...but that van looks particularly smaller than aforementioned tent.
Signals Yeoman: Yes, we thought that too so we decided to get out the toolkit and cut your tent up to make it fit.
OISG: Could you just repeat that? 8O You 'cut up' our £500,000 infrared, NBC, electro-magneticly secure tent...?
Signals Yeoman: Ummm...I better call my boss.
OISG: Yes, I think we are going to want a word. :twisted:

Made all the funnier by the young Siggies still standing around holding the tools and shrugging their shoulders. Oh how we laughed...
ਦੁਨਗਰ said:
The Signals have much better lasses than the corps. As a consequence the scaleys are a much less frustrated organisation despite the whole addiction to bullsh!t aspect.
Much as I would absolutely love to agree with you on that one, I am afraid I cannot, in all honesty, concur. After falling in love with many of the lovat green variety who subsequently changed to the lime green marine persuasion, I can honestly say they had their fair share of top totty!
Agreed, there were (are? sorry, long time passing) cracking crumpet on both sides, I am afraid I must come out on the side of the Int lot on this occasion. (then again, both had their fair share of suspect "ladies" who I would not wish to get into a drinking contest with nor be left alone with in a dark alley).

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