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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Jinxun, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Hi I have noticed that now on the army website that a new role has been added to the Intelligence roster which is EW (Electronic Warfare) my question is to anyone who is "in the know" which corps does EW fall into the Royal Signals or the Intelligence Corps? as you may have guessed I would like perform the EW role within the army :)
  2. It falls in the Dark Side
  3. Are you sure about this one? Just had a look at the website and the only EW job I could see is Electronic Warfare Systems Operator (Royal Signals).
  4. I feel the force is weak in this enquirer, and is not worthy of further enlightenment.
  5. Royal Signals handle the signals kit, Intelligence Corps does the intelligence work.

    Pick the bit that interests you and take your chance getting to the job you want in the great posting plot of life.

  6. To be honest, no one in the British Army does EW particularly well. But in very basic terms, EW teams often comprise Int Corps linguists and analysts, working alongside Royal Signals operators, with everyone expected to be able to multirole.
  7. Yeah not clever like us eh!
  8. Thank you for the replies I have decided to apply for the Royal Signals.
  9. Ha ha! Theres plenty of space in the corps for ex-scaleys. Have fun wearing a Jimmy.
  10. Worst. Decision. Ever.
  11. I concur!
  12. Yup. I know any number of people who transferred from the Signals to the Corps, but only recall ONE who went the other way as a soldier.
  13. Probably because they have higher standards. Your lot will take anyone (even our old EWOPs).
  14. Yeh, it takes really high standards to put up tents for a living. Fuck off.

    What is the best part about being Sigs?

    Is it arriving 3 weeks before me on an exercise and living in the pishing rain whilst you install flooring for me and my department?
    Or stagging on with no rifle but full webbing so you can throw one up to SO2's on their way into the nice warm Div tent?
    Maybe it is having to hang around for an extra week in the pishing rain after we have packed up and drove home?

    However not as funny as: