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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by badj, Apr 15, 2007.

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  1. im wanting to do the course, and ive heard that i have to wait until im in phase 2 to see if i can hack it after doing the CS op course i was just wondering if anyone had any information on the difficulty and what would be expected of you if you were selected to do the course, thanks a lot
  2. Badj - you didn't mention whether you are in phase 1 at the moment. Makes no difference but if you are, I would hope that some the R SIGNALS staff there could give you some good advice - or possibly not as not many will be interested or have any knowledge of the EW Sys Op trade.

    What I do know is this:

    You will have to complete the 22 week CS Op course. If you pass that you will not be granted class 3 CS Op at this stage.

    You will then move across to the EW Wing at Blandford and do a 5 weeks Basic Comms Exploitation (module 1) course, which is basically a filter course. If you fail this 5 weeks course, you will be granted your CS Op class 3 and posted to a Corps field unit. If you pass the 5 weeks course, you will be sent to Chicksands to do a 15 weeks Basic Comms Exploitation (module 2) course. On completion of this course you will be granted Class 3 EW Sys Op and promoted to LCpl. You can then expect to be posted to 14 Sig Regt (EW) or 660 Sig Tp (EOD).

    With regard to what to expect on the 5 weeks and 15 Weeks Basic Comms Exploitation courses I can't really help you much except that you can expect to go into a deeper understanding of comms principles. If you are going to exploit comms you will need to have a good understanding of all comms principles. I would expect maths and science will play a big part of the 5 weeks course. I wouldn't worry too much about the 5 weeks filter as your aptitude and academic ability has already been assessed and you have been recruited as an EW Sys Op so you should be ok.

    EW Sys Op is the new Spec Op and I think there are a couple of those at Lichfield - suggest you have a word with one of them about what Spec Op training involved. If you want their names I can pm you.

    Good luck.
  3. Considering some of the "Special" operators i've seen I cant see it being too difficult. It's not like you'll get binned cos you cant do morse or you cant work a patch panel without breaking into a cold sweat