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buggrit said:
That looks not bad, I'll give that a go when i get home.
Seems better than the other one we played that we all got wasted by some higher players. I have been on about 4-5 weeks now and not a hint of attacks off bigger players yet.
I'm on server 15.

Maybe someone should start an ARRSE alliance. I would but I'm off on tour soon so will have to abandon my account.

This forum could be useful for co-ordinating attacks.
When you login you pick which server to play on.

Looks like server 28 is the newest, so Im gonna shift my arrse there.

...and Romagna has lowest number of players too.

Follow the quests as best as possible, this will get you precious resources early on the game.

Don't forget to use your amulet everyday.

Click on the present in the top bar to get beginners bonus package.

Upgrade to Lv3 town hall ASAP. You get the lords bonus package.

13 Cottages, 1 each of everything else and then fill with barracks.

8 Sawmills, 6 iron works, 6 quarry the rest is all farms.

Heroes have 3 main stats: Politics, Attack and Intelligence.

To begin with get a decent politics hero, this will speed up construction time and increase resource production.

Attack stat improves troop build time and is also very important when attacking valleys and other players.

Intelligence stat improves research time and increases the chance of finding medals when attacking valleys and NPC.

If you score a troops battalion on the amulet make sure you have plenty of food before opening it, or you will have to ditch loads of troops.
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