Evil thoughts - everyone, or just me?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by smudge67, Dec 20, 2007.

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  1. Every now and again I have what I can only describe as "Evil thoughts". I'll explain.

    Sometimes when someones talking to me, and they're being boring, my mind wanders, and I end up thinking to myself how nice it might be to swing a wild left hook into said persons head.

    Or I'd be walking in a shopping centre, and think to myself, wouldn't it be funny if I pushed that kid down the marble steps.

    Or perhaps in a bar I'd see someone I don't know, and imagine grabbing the persons head and bouncing it off the bar.

    A good friend of mine I was stationed with in Germany said he had the same thoughts sometimes.....are we weird? Psychotic? Ot does anyone else experience these "evil thoughts" too?

    Please tell me I'm not alone, or I might have to see a specialist ;)
  2. It is your military training kicking in. The same as always looking for escape routes in buildings and watching for cars following you.
    These are not evil thoughts as you seem to have controlled the physical part of it. When you start actually carrying these out start worrying............
  3. Here's a clue;
    Emperor Mong...
  4. No these are just natural reactions to the world at large, unfairly and unnatutrally stymied through the un-Darwinist concepts of etiquette and being nice to fukwits.
  5. I get these sometimes. For example, when bored and pissed off and sitting in a room full of others, I think to myself, who would I kill if I could kill one person and get away with it? Sadly I've never had the chance... I also get this feeling constantly when seeing all the walt airsofter cnuts everywhere I go, be it surplus stores, or the walt thread.
  6. No its not just you Smudge. I confess to having said thoughts...especially with the more....stupid (to be polite) people in this world. I do envision seeing shovel/ baseball bat/ great big sword, in hand and swinging manically at said fcukwit.
    I think its healthy. :p
  7. I always want to stick bulldog clips on disabled or elderly people's wheelchair rims in busy shopping centres. More often than not I end up walking really slowly behind them for a while, so the mind inevitably wanders....
  8. Actually having these type of thoughts is classed as "Psychotic Cyclothymia" and you will find that your Dysthymia which counteracts and balances your Hypomania is all that is stopping you actually manifesting these with little or no social inhibition.

    In short if you have these thoughts then you are a fcuking looney.

    Disclaimer - I have fcuk all experience, training or idea about psychology or anything to do with the mind/brain/soul/ego etc. All of the above is just a figment of my imagination and if you decide to top your self because of it then tough shite dipstick.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Oh dear, it would appear that I'm not well. I don't have to be present in a room or place with people to want to damage them. I can merely sit at my desk, think of some of the people that have crossed my path, and my mind wanders to novel ways of making them regret the fact that they ever met me. Before long, I'm scheming.

    For example, next time I go to the office where you pay your parking fines . . .
  10. I frequently have similar thought processes. It is only the lack of a small but effective semi automatic weapon in my desk draw that prevents me from slaughtering a large percentage off the people I work with.

    That and the fact that I fear I would be allergic to being buggered to death in the maximum security wing.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Oh, I'm not thinking naughty thoughts anymore - where's my carving knife, I want to KILL, MAIM, TORTURE!
  12. Don't get me started on Chavs! As for Broon, he's not worth the effort.
  13. It's perfectly normal to have these sort of thoughts, in fact that's exactly how I manage to pass my days at work, there's certainly enough fcukwits here that would look much better without their head.
  14. There's a common theme emerging here. Remember the threads about filling a mass grave and lists of people to slot.

    Truth is we're all fcuking loonies - I speak as a certified one.

    I'll add two evil thoughts:

    1/. Every time I see an electric wheelchair whizzing lardy occupant to pub or pie shop I want to scream: 'get out of that frigging chair you lazy twite'.

    2/. When I get stuck behind 'posh' parents with a three wheeled pram the size of a Grand Cherokee I want to pour boiling water on them.