Evil Thief Steals Poppy Proceeds

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by bl_ue, Nov 14, 2008.

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  1. Already done...
  2. we are allowed to go down to the "albert" fr £10:00 here... on a bus, and for a few bob more stay overnight.. will try to get details for you..
  3. Your outrage 'mo-jo' has done a runner hasn't it? Go lie down for a while. After a short rest, you can return to the 'keyboard of hate' refreshed and full of anger where you can unleash a barrage of ideas for summary justice involving guns, knives, stakes and the burning of the Koran, none of which have never been heard on this site before...ever...no, I mean it, they will be originial. Honest.

    Squaddies. Getting upset about everything....since 1815.
  4. in our legion 6 to 10 weeks afor the trip, the legion get so meny seats per year,,, the bus was owned by taskers , and they in turn offer you a nights stay B&B for 40 pounds.. (with the cost of the trip~) dont forget to ask your legion for details next year.. but find out very soon as seats are booked early..