Evil Eye on turret

Discussion in 'RAC' started by StumpyHussar, Oct 12, 2008.

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  1. Just come back from Greece and was having a conversation with someone about the Greek 'evil eye' that was on their ancient ships. I seem to remember that there was a Regiment in the RAC that had them on their turrets (possibly a peoples cavalry mob to make them a bit more interesting? :D )

    Any help and piccys most welcome, Google doesn't bringup anything but knowing the Regiment would be a bit of a boon!
  2. Guards armoured division

    edited for crap link
  3. 4 RTR did and the 1st RTR have inherited and still have 'The Chinese Eyes' on both CR2 and Fuchs today!!!!
    RTR were always 'interesting', much tradition born of Tanks even in our relatively 'short' history!!!
  4. The Guards Div had them too. Possibley the Irish Guards when they were in Tanky mode.
  5. i think the Scots Guards Have it on their warriors
  6. By coincidence I saw Clarkson in a Range Rover Sport being chased by a Chally 2 which was wearing said 'Chinese Eyes' on the telly on Friday night.
  7. Thank e kindly sir! I will look for pics under 4 RTR. Is this a fact as well?:

    "Keeping with another tradition started in WWI when a Chinese businessman covered the cost to have a tank built, there is a “Chinese Eye” painted on the front face of the turret stowage bins"
  8. Yup in general terms albeit that if you look at Chieftains of 4RTR they were painted on each side front quarter of the turret.
    4RTR hav an excellent re-union site with loadsof galleries of such things mate.
  9. You're a gent and a scholar thank you (you must've been Cav in a previous life 8) )

    Nice work on your website by the by.
  10. Indeed thank you all gents I'll have a butchers at the Guards Armoured Div as well.
  11. StumpyHussar my friend
    I wore baggy black skin and am proud of it!! Mind you, don't think my arrrrse's (all 3 of them would have fitted into jodphurs - of any colour or size). Cheers.
  12. Those that mentioned the 'Chinese Eye' on the Guards, Jock Inantry etc are mistaken. Those units were awrded the 'Japs Eye' for being :? :? :? :roll: :wink:
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  13. Here is an example of a Guards Armoured badge.


    The 4RTR now 1RTR 'Chinese Eye'.


    And last but not least the one sported by CYCLOPS 2RTR! :roll:

  14. Thanks Soprano54 I quickly found the Guards Armoured pics and saw the error. Still didn't have one of 4 RTR though until your posting.

    Cheers buddy
  15. No problemo, always a pleasure....................never a chore!