Evidence of cuts starting to bite?!

Looks like economies are being made - the RLC Flag at the entrance to Marlborough Barracks Kineton, is faded, ripped with a big chunk missing! Thought this was what the one days pay was for?! Public image and all that good b*ll*cks!
The RLC flag flown at the location you mention is actually the very same flag that was flown when the RLC provided the forlorn hope at the Battle of Jubilee. 72 Pie'n'ears, 11 Pet Ops, 4 Sup Specs, an Ammo Tech, 7 Trogs and a dirty fucking mover. stormed into a breach in the enemies wall which was created when a big fat biff went absolutley tardtastic when his fabloned biff chit was ripped up by the SSM. The ensuing battle saw the deaths of most of the RAOC trades and 13.3 Million personel join the RLC from the shadows of the British Empire.

You should be stood to attention when you see that flag and the ensuing hard on that you experience from merely being in it's presence should render you blind for about 3 weeks.

We Pisstain!!!!!

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