Evicted Islanders Renew Fight

The islanders were removed in the 1960s and early 1970s by the UK Government so the United States could build a strategic military base on Diego Garcia, one of the islands in the Chagos archipelago.

Their expulsion has been widely condemned by lawyers, journalists and politicians as "underhand" and "shabby" and one of the most shameful episodes in recent British history.
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It certainly was shameless. These people have UK citizen status, and our government kicked them out to accommodate the US. This poodle business is nothing new.
So, it's not just Tony the poodle then, who was in the chair at the time ?
Full article at http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/835963.stm

Quote from it:
In 1965, when Mauritius was negotiating its independence from Britain, the then Prime Minister Harold Wilson made it clear there would be no deal without the Chagos islands being separated from Mauritius, and retained by Britain.

The islands were of great strategic significance - situated right in the middle of the Indian Ocean - they were in the heart of an area prized by the then Soviet Union and China.

What Mauritius did not know was that Britain had already done a deal with the United States - they would lease the largest island, Diego Garcia, for use as an air base and ship refuelling station.

But the Americans did not want a "population problem", as they put it.

There were about two thousand people living on the islands, mostly working in the coconut plantations. Descendants of African slaves and Indian plantation workers, the Chagos islanders had lived there for generations.

So Britain began a systematic, but highly secret, programme of resettlement.
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So, the answer is Harold Wilson, 40 years ago.

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They should get in boats with some press and sail for Diego Garcia. Would put the Americans in quite a quandary.

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