Evicted from Surplus Quarter, Entitled to Disturbance Allowance??

Just waiting on the JSP to download on to the works computer. Are you entitiled to claim disturbance allowance if you have been evicted from your service quarter due to the quarter not being surplus anymore?
I do not have the JSP's to hand, but I would be surprised if this was the case, I would have thought that it would have been in part of the contract when you signed up for a surplus qurarter.
Wasn't anything in the contract, just a question really as I know if you are forced to move rooms in mess accommodation (i.e. your building is being refurbed) then you can claim. Not sure if this would also be the case here?
Are you eligible or entitled to be on the surplus quarter? IIRC thats the key words they play on. Eligible I think yes DA is available, entitled no, I stand by to be corrected,its been a couple of years since I left.
Elligible for a quarter as PStat 3, should there be any surplus, which there was at the time. However they have evicted me as I am not PStat 1 and therefore not entitled. Was due to get remarried but due to last minute hiccups and 5hite lawyers on the ex's side I am still waiting for my Decree Absolute.

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